National French Exam Winner

Congratulations to freshman Lindsay Ferreira who earn a Platinum Medal for the highest score possible -a perfect score- on the level 2 National French Exam. Our students have taken this test for many years but Lindsey is the first Mt. Lebanon French student to win a Platinum Medal winner.

The National French Contest/Le Grand Concours is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students of French take a written test and compete against students with similar educational background for prizes.

Congratulations to all of our French students for their achievements on the 2017 French Exam. Perfectement!

See the complete list of award winners from Mt. Lebanon High School.

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Extra Mile Award May 2017

This month's Extra Mile Award winners are high school math teacher and secondary mathematics department chair, Mr. Michael Locke and high school counselor, Mrs. Shelly Saba. Both were nominated by high school English teacher Mrs. Trish Shine and the high school principals Mr. Brian McFeeley, Ms. Natasha Dirda, Ms. Carlie McGinty and Mr. Joel Thompson for their excellent work in laying the foundation and developing the high school's freshmen orientation and transition program called "Link Crew". The yearlong Link Crew program includes an exciting 1/2 day orientation before the school year begins followed up by monthly meetings during the year led by trained Link Crew upperclassmen, with other freshmen only activities offered at other times during the year including a football tailgate, Cocoa and Cram semester exam study session, and an inflatable game night, just to name a few.

Mrs. Saba and Mr. Locke have been instrumental in initiating and strengthening the Link Crew program (including all of the things just mentioned) at the high school. Nominator Mrs. Shine noted that she personally thinks that the program has improved the soul of our school. Freshmen feel more connected, kinder, and more willing to lend a hand to those in need; Link Crew Leaders of other grades seem noticeably more invested in creating a positive, productive culture in the school.

The investment of time and energy that has gone into growing such a stellar program has been immeasurable. Mr. Locke and Mrs. Saba have provided many hours of volunteer service to make the Link Crew program a resounding success. Neither of them expect any financial compensation as they are honored to be a part of an effective program that helps so many of our school's children.

Aside from this, they are both dynamic and highly energetic people. Their enthusiasm is infectious for both students and colleagues. Mr. Locke and Mrs. Saba are truly an asset to our high school and district.

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Last night was the Howe community's 12th Family Reading Night. Started by Howe Librarian, Mrs. Carol Cercone, it is a highlight of the school year. This year it was even more special since the event was dedicated to Mrs. Cercone who is retiring at the end of the year. Dr. Michelle Murray's remarks very eloquently tells the story of a very special school librarian. After reading the tribute, click here to watch a slideshow of Howe Family Reading Night 2017

"Good evening and welcome to Howe's 12th Annual Family Reading Night! This has always my favorite single event of the year because it is about celebrating reading, creativity, and community! Tonight is particularly special because it marks the 12th and last Family Reading Night directed by our beloved librarian, Mrs. Carol Cercone. As many of you may know, Mrs. Cercone is retiring at the end of this school year.

Mrs. Cercone has enjoyed a distinguished career as Library teacher at Howe for 25 years. She has been instrumental in fostering a love of reading in our community for as many years. One of the most impressive things I first noticed about Carol is that she not only knows every single student in this school... she also knows their reading interests and ability levels.

Carol lives by the motto, that there are no children who hate reading...only those who have yet to be introduced to the right book. Carol has made it her mission to introduce those "right books" to Kindergarten through 5th graders as long as she has been here at Howe. She has brought many inspiring authors to our students, the most notable was this year's guest - world renowned author Patricia Polacco. Our kids are still talking about her visit and the way she touched their hearts.

Mrs. Cercone starts each day scripting and directing the Howe Morning Show which is a staple of our school culture. She also models being a life-long learner; for example, this year she helped lead the district initiative to bring coding to the elementary program and to create makerspaces in each elementary building. Carol leads "Dr. Suess Day" each March, is instrumental in supporting the Read-a-thon, and collaborates with all the classroom teachers to help supplement their curriculum and classroom libraries.

Family Reading Night is Carol's creation which has evolved and flourished over these past 12 years to become a much anticipated and loved event for the entire community. Think about it - who else can inspire over 200 kids to voluntarily create their own floats and cakes to commemorate their favorite books and book characters? Carol is one of a kind and will be missed more than she can possibly know.

The Howe teachers commissioned their own cake for Carol (not to be auctioned) to show her our love. In addition, our 5th grade Student Council created their own "float of books" especially for Mrs. Cercone.

As you can see, she is very loved Please join me in thanking Mrs. Cercone for being the amazing, teacher, librarian/media specialist, friend, and colleague she truly is.

Mrs. Cercone, we wish you only love and happiness as you start your next exciting chapter!!!"

Dr. Michelle Murray

Principal, Howe Elementary School

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Our classrooms are full of remarkable stories, but this one is very special. Our high school applied engineering teacher, Mr. Andrew Kuskil, was approached by a parent of one our students. He was asked if the department would work with her younger son Peter to develop a prosthetic hand for him to help with a physical impairment. Mr. Kuskil immediately thought of three students--Taylor Ransford, Cameron Taylor and Robert Donahue--who would be up to this advanced challenge. The students immediately began researching the device. They were soon able to design the prosthetic hand and used a 3D printer to manufacture it. The students are in the final phase of refining and fitting the prosthetic hand so it will be ready for Peter to use very soon. The high school students have demonstrated exceptional expertise in technology, but even more importantly, they have taken great care working with Peter, showing empathy, understanding and making him feel at ease through this process. Peter, on the other hand, is very excited about the whole project, especially since he was able to pick the color of his new prosthetic hand--- a bright Lebo/St. Bernard's blue!

This project is one example of the many innovative projects that will be presented at the capstone Honors- Applied Engineering- 3 rd annual, "Guppy Tank Showcase" which is the Lebo Applied Engineering's spin-off of the TV show Shark Tank.

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Dance Company January 2017

Dance Company Daytimes January 2017

We're All In This Together

"We're all in this together" is the theme of the 2016-17 opening day video for staff.

Happy Holidays 2016

Happy Holidays from the Mt. Lebanon School District

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At the May 22 School Board meeting, the Board voted unanimously on a $95,816,075 budget with no millage increase, keeping the millage rate at 23.93 mills. The budget was balanced due to significant cost savings in the following ways:

  • The District structured contracts for lower cost utilities bringing the budget in this area to its lowest level in recent years.
  • The District bid out the transportation contract and found significant savings through a change in providers
  • The District took advantage of restructuring the first high school bonds bringing total savings to the community of $7.6 million. Using $900,000 of these savings, the Board was able to eliminate the need for a tax increase

In addition to using the savings from the bond to lower budgets over the next four years, there will now be an additional $3.8 million to fund capital projects over the next few years. School Board President Mary Birks said, "This is an enormous win for our community and I am proud to be part of the team that made this budget and the bond savings possible for our community. This budget preserves the programs which this community expects and our children deserve." Read more about the budget.

Final Budget Summary

Final General Fund Budget 2017-2018

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It only took one visit to the National Aviary on the Northside to inspire Washington Elementary student Jack Hartman. "All of the beautiful colors of the birds really spoke to me and inspired me to donate. I thought that if I donated to the Aviary it would be my impact on the world, so I choose to symbolically adopt a Scarlet Macaw and buy a penguin plaque at Penguin Point," said Jack. Starting last October, Jack was on a mission. He made a donation cup for the front desk at Washington School to start the collection. Between the school donations, his birthday and Christmas money, and a final contribution from his grandfather, Jack was able to present a check for $1000 to the Aviary. On his arrival, he was met by Ted Bartlett, Manager of Development, who had a scarlet macaw waiting for him. Jack said, "I was so excited and I got to meet the bird that I symbolically adopted, his name was Red!"

On Tuesday April 25th they unveiled the plaque at Penguin Point with Jack's name and "...the students of Mt. Lebo Washington Elementary." Jack was met at the ceremony by two penguins, Happy and Goldie, who very much appreciated all that Jack had done for their home.

Jack continues to raise money for the Aviary with plans to hold a raffle and a kickball tournament this summer. His goal is to raise another $600 to adopt an African Penguin, with the rest going to the bird rescue program. According to Jack, "That is why and what I did for the Aviary and what I will do in the future." Well done, Jack. A young philanthropist is born.

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Last evening, the high school held their Annual Awards Program for students receiving scholarship and awards. This night honors these outstanding students and the very impressive awards and scholarships they receive ranging from $500 to several thousands of dollars. Thanks to all for their participation, especially those nominating and/or selecting these very deserving award winners.

Special thanks to High School Unit Principal Ms. Natasha Dirda and Dean of Students Ms. Carlie McGinty who served as masters of ceremonies last night and Ms. Diana Becker and Ms.Trish Carlson from the High School Counseling Department for coordinating the entire evening's program. Congratulations to our students!

Here are some photos from the ceremony.

Black Association of the South Hills

DAR Award

Richard Madden Scholarship

Global Studies

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