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Technology Education Middle School


All students in grades 7 and 8 receive Technology Education for nine weeks as part of the Unified Arts Rotation.  In addition to the Unified Arts course, 8th grade students can elect Problem Solving with Technologies 8, a full-year Technology education course.  

Program Description

In the 7th and 8th grade Technology Education courses, students learn how transportation, communications, construction, manufacturing and bio-related technologies support and improve human life.  The learning objectives for the required 9-week courses are achieved through computer-based modules that students work though independently or with a partner.  In the 8th grade elective course, student teams learn how to creatively problem-solve with technology. 

Course Descriptions

7th Grade Technology Education

The program for 7th grade is called Tech-Design level 1.  In this course, students pursue self-directed, hands on instruction to achieve specific daily goals in a computer-based module that explores a transportation, communication, construction, manufacturing or bio-related technology.  Experiences with diverse learning devices include computers and sophisticated software, interactive CD-ROM, interactive print media, instructional videos and technical training systems.

8th Grade Technology Education

The program for 8th grade is called Tech Design Level 2, with independent study.  This is a continuation for students who have completed Level 1 objectives.  The program starts with a one-day review of Level 1 before moving into more advance concepts and applications.  At this level, students learn to design, create, examine, analyze, and troubleshoot a variety of technological models.  This level also includes an exploration of career and educational options. 

Problem Solving with Technologies 8

This year-long 8th grade elective course will help students creatively problem solve in technology, including communications, construction, transportation, engineering, design, and biotechnology.  This team-based course will promote technological literacy, leadership, and problem solving while drawing upon various fields of technology, science, mathematics and language arts.  While working through seven thematic units, student teams will explore the following questions:

  •  How do people use a problem solving process to solve technological problems?
  •  How can the engineering design process be used to solve technological challenges to change and improve products for the way we live? 
  • How are ideas developed (from brainstorming to sketching to prototyping)? 
  • How are technological products designed, created and sold? 

These questions will be explored while students design, develop and build a board game, design a miniature golf course, and design, construct and test a greenhouse. Students will also participate in the Technology Student Association Competition at California University of Pennsylvania.


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