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Mt. Lebanon High School Renovation Project

DeJong: High School Utilization Study and Process

Planning for the renovation of Mt. Lebanon High School is underway. Educational facility planners DeJONG, Inc. helped guide the District through a systematic process in which each planning step builds upon the ones before it, resulting in a final Facility Utilization Study and recommendations based on data and stakeholder input. The process and meetings held in the fall of 2006 are listed below.

Data Collection & Start Up

Orientation/Visioning Sessions

Educational Specifications Labs                 

Community Dialogue

Overlay of Programming Concepts

Final Presentation to the School Board and Community

Data Collection

Extensive data collection effort to gather all relevant information regarding this project.

October 10
Educational Specifications Committee
(8:30am 2:00pm) South Gym
Community Orientation/Visioning Session
October 10
(7:00pm 9:30pm)  South Gym

The District and DeJONG will host a one-day worksession and an evening community
work session to gather stakeholder input. The sessions will focus on what the District will look like in the future and how to meet the needs of the students.
Participants will take part in a series of visioning exercises in small groups. Participants will then reconvene to report on the small group activities.

Educational Specifications Lab #1
October 24  (3:30pm 9:30pm) (Day 1)
October 25  (3:30pm 9:30pm) (Day 2)

Lab #1 is an intensive, two-day work session for the Educational Specifications Committee focused on examining future trends, the results of the visioning sessions, and determining program direction. Participants discuss programmatic and space needs. A draft report is generated from the results of Lab #1.


Educational Specifications Lab #2 November 14  (8:30am 2:00pm) November 15 (8:30am 4:00pm) Overlay of Programming Concepts

Community Dialogue
November 14  (7:00-9:30 pm)

Educational Specifications Lab #2 is another intensive, two-day work session for the Educational Specifications Committee to further edit and refine the draft program & design requirements. This lab incorporates large group work, as well as smaller, breakout group work.  

During the Community Dialogue input will be gathered from community members. The community dialogue will be structured in a manner that provides individuals and small groups an opportunity to respond to a series of planning options.At the conclusion of the dialogue, group results are posted on wall charts;all questionnaires are collected and tallied. Click here to view the report from this meeting.

Final Report
January 4, 2007
7:00 p.m.
High School South Gym

A final report was presented to the School Board  and community on January 4, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. in the High School South Gym.




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