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Middle School Counseling Groups

Small Group Counseling

As part of a comprehensive school counseling program within Mt. Lebanon School District, the middle school counselors co-facilitate short-term, educational support groups in conjunction with the SAP mental health liaison.   The small groups are designed to support students' development of social, emotional and academic skills. Within a smaller, more individualized setting, students are taught interpersonal, coping and study skills for use in the wider school environment. Groups also support resiliency and assist in removing barriers to learning, allowing students to better access the district's academic curriculum.

Opportunities to participate in educational support groups vary with the needs of students, which are assessed at least one time in the school year in all three grade levels.  When the needs of the school population are determined, small groups are formulated to address indicated needs.  Although participation in educational support groups is voluntary, students may be referred through the Individualized Education Planning (IEP) process or the Student Assistance Program (SAP) process.  At other times, students may be recommended for small group participation by the school counselor, a teacher, the principal or the student's parents. The groups offered through the middle school guidance department are inclusionary.  Written parental consent is required prior to student participation. 

Topics that could be offered as indicated by internal needs assessments include:

Study Skills


Changing Families

Stress Management

Grief and Loss


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