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Middle School Counselors

Philosophy of the School Counseling Program at the Middle Schools (Grades 6-8)


School counseling is a necessary and integral part of the educational process for ALL students. School counseling is a planned sequential program that includes activities and materials that enable students to meet their full potential in regard to academic, social, personal and career development. These programs are individualized in nature, focusing on the needs of each and every student.


Delivery of services is provided by trained, certified professional school counselors in a caring, supportive, and nurturing environment.


Developmental programs in grades six through eight are based on the belief that ALL students should participate in activities that will assist them in optimizing their educational, personal, social and career development.


School counseling incorporates the working relationships of counselors, students, teachers, parents, administrators and the community. School counseling compliments and reinforces accomplished teaching and instruction.


School counseling programs are evaluated on a continuous basis to ensure that desired outcomes are being met as needs change.


Goals of the School Counseling Program at the Middle Schools 

I.   To enable students to experience school success.

II.  To assist students in understanding and respecting self and others.

III. To enable students to develop decision making competencies and career awareness.



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