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MTLSD 2015 Summer Programs

Welcome to the Mt. Lebanon School District Summer Program website. Below is a brief description of the summer course offerings for the students of Mt. Lebanon School District. Please click on the links to the left to learn more about each of the programs.

Summer Enrichment
The Summer Enrichment Program provides enrichment activities for students in grades 3-7.  The Summer Enrichment program’s goal, to provide an intellectually stimulating environment for elementary students during the summer months, is aligned with the District’s mission statement.  Furthermore the program specifically addresses student achievement process targets in mathematics, communication, technology, critical thinking and cooperative work.

Summer Learning Center
The Summer Learning Center (SLC) is a five-week remediation program designed to provide students in grades K-5 an integrated language arts, math, social skills curriculum utilizing flexible grouping taught at the student’s instructional level. The goal of the instruction is to help students maintain skills over the summer months. Classrooms will be designed to integrate academic content with thematically-designed social/recreational activities.

Summer Health & Wellness Course
Students entering grades 11 or 12 may opt to fulfill their health graduation requirement by taking the MTLSD Summer Health Course.  Students may choose to do this to allow for more flexibility in their junior and senior year schedules.  This class may also be taken for credit recovery for those who failed to complete the course during the regular school year.

Waterfront Learning
The Waterfront Learning program offered by the AIU provides students in grades 6-12 with an opportunity to repeat courses taken during the regular school year for remediation and credit recovery.  Please see your child’s guidance counselor if you have any questions about MTLSD credit recovery requirements.

Contact Information

Summer Enrichment Coordinators
 Carol Cercone – ccercone@mtlsd.net
 Chris Kolling – ckolling@mtlsd.net

Summer Learning Center Coordinators
 Crystal Hinton – chinton@mtlsd.net
 Katie Cornell – kcornell@mtlsd.net

Questions regarding the Summer Health & Wellness class and the AIU Waterfront Learning program, as well as any other inquiries about MTLSD summer programming can be directed to Melissa Nelson, MTLSD Summer Program Director at mnelson@mtlsd.net.

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