Mt. Lebanon High School Project

MTLSD High SchoolHigh School construction progress reports by the construction manager will be presented at School Board meetings as requested by the Board and Superintendent.   

Upcoming Work

Upcoming Work as of 10/10/2016

  • Sanitary line completion from B Building – tie in on 10/15/16
  • Tennis Court Retaining Wall Construction – starts 10/17/16
  • Final grading of tennis courts to begin asphalt paving on November 10, 2016.
  • Storm sewer continuation to North lot
  • Completion of ADA ramp to tennis courts – next week
  • Building Key:
  • A- Existing Boiler rooms and North Gym
  • B- Cochran Road Building (academic wing)
  • C- Academic and administration
  • D- Existing Gymnasium
  • E- Auditorium
  • F- Fine Arts
  • G- New Science Building
  • H- New Aux. Gyms
  • J- New Main competition Gym
  • K- New Swimming Pool