About the Project

About Mt. Lebanon High School

High School Renovation

The original high school was built in 1928 and added onto several times through 1972, the same year as the facility’s last major renovation. The original architects were Ingram and Boyd, who designed all but two schools in the District. In 1930, the high school building was constructed along Cochran Road. From there, the gym, pool, and auditorium wings were added in 1955. In 1972, a new addition was built and the Fine Arts Theater was added.


Planning for the current building began in 2006, and in January, 2012, construction was underway. The high school now consists of new construction and renovated portions of the existing buildings. New buildings include the Science Wing and an Athletic Building that houses a new eight lane pool, a main competition gym, two auxiliary gyms, and a fitness center. Existing portions of the building that were retained and renovated like new include the 1930 building on Cochran Road, the Auditorium, and Fine Arts Theatre. State-of-the-art classrooms are in both the new and renovated spaces. A major architectural feature of the high school is the grand staircase with a large, blue wall that displays inspirational quotes selected by students and staff.

The original South Gym was significantly renovated into the new Center Court, which is centrally located to make it the heart of the school with the cafeteria integrated into this space. Each major area of learning has access to Center Court creating a flexible student hub that is connected to all curricular areas. The library, music rooms, and Student Activities Office are also adjacent to Center Court allowing students to easily move between these areas.

The new high school was built to serve our students and the Mt. Lebanon community now and into the future.