Traffic Information

Entering the High School Building

Entering the High School Building

Three entrances will be open for students prior to 8:10am.  Parkway Vo-Tech students should continue to report to school for bus pick-up at their scheduled time.  Unless arrangements are made in advance with a teacher, students will be unable to enter the building prior to the times listed below:

 A “Welcome Back Students and Staff” sign is located on the exterior of the building above each of the entrances listed below.

 Entrance A-1
(Cochran Road Entrance):                    Open 7:15am – 8:10am

 Entrance B-9
(South Parking Lot; near                       Open 7:15am – 8:10am (students)

Fine Arts Theatre):                                 Open 7:15am – 4:00pm (visitors)                                                       

Entrance C-20
(Intersection of Stadium
and Horsman Drive; across
from the Athletic Building)                   Open 7:15am – 4:00 pm  (students and visitors)                                                                                                                 

Traffic and Parking Update Aug.25, 2016

 Map of High School Campus


High School Site Plan (upon final completion of the project)