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Brad May Honored with Extra Mile Award for January
January 24, 2013
Brad May with School Board President Elaine Cappucci after
being presented with the Extra Mile Award.

The School Board honored Brad May with the Extra Mile Award for January. Mr. May recently retired as the District's Audiovisual Supervisor. Here is an excerpt from Board President Elaine Cappucci's Board Report that acknowledges the service, kindness and dedication displayed by Mr. May over his 40 year career at Mt. Lebanon.

"Tonight I would like to speak about CHANGE.   While sometimes difficult to navigate, the benefits of change include personal growth, progress, adaptability, strength, new opportunities and enlightenment.   Changes in our world, especially major changes in technology, have transformed our schools.  Teaching and learning today look very different than when I was a student. 

Tonight’s Extra Mile award recipient is one person who has experienced tremendous change throughout his career.  With rapid improvement in technology, Mr. Brad May, the District’s Audiovisual Supervisor, has had to not only adapt to change, he has had to anticipate change and attain expertise so that he could keep our equipment up to date and help our staff integrate new technologies into the classroom.

Mr. May graduated from Mt. Lebanon HS in 1967, graduated from Ohio University and joined the District in 1972 as an audiovisual aide.  Later, he attended graduate school at CMU, and came back to the District as a Technical Assistant in the AV department. In 1977, Mr. May was promoted to Audiovisual Specialist, and then Audiovisual Supervisor.  He is retiring after 40 + years with the District, effective tomorrow.
Think about audiovisual equipment of the 1970’s – film strips, overhead projectors, and cassette tapes.  Later, VCRs and then DVD players were added to the mix.  For the most part, students were passively watching educational material on AV equipment.  Now however, AV technology is used in every classroom, and by every student as an active part of the learning environment. The changes have been enormous, and Mr. May was always there to help students and teachers navigate that change.

In his role as the AV Supervisor, Mr. May is one of a few people in the District who have had the opportunity to work in every building and with staff from all departments.  The respect and admiration the staff have for him is amazing.   Comments from staff on his retirement noted his calm demeanor during any AV crisis, his willingness to help, and his expertise at teaching both students and staff.  Some comments included:

“No matter the issue or the urgency associated with it, you always manage to be so cool, calm, and collected!”

“You are superman. I am not sure how many Brad May's there REALLY are because you seem to be in every building at all times.”

“You have kept up with the technology for our students and our faculty/staff, at a time when these things changed seemingly overnight.”

“Even though you help ten buildings full of people, you somehow manage to make every person, problem, and request a top priority.”

The District will be a different place without Mr. May.  The Board would like to wish Mr. May well in his retirement, and to thank him for his many, many years of dedicated service. "

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