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Cancer Awareness Week Featured on KDKA
February 3, 2014
Left to right: Lia Christulides, Connie Booth, Shelly Saba, KDKA's Dave Crawley, Alex Needles, and Tara Leja.

A message from Alex Needles about Cancer Awareness Week:

Click here to view 2014 Cancer Awareness Video

Hello, my name is Alex Needles, and I am a senior here at Mt. Lebanon High School.

Over the past 4 years, I have started "Cancer Awareness Week" in the High School, to provide support for students affected by cancer. Over the Awareness Week, which is February 3-7, we provide ribbons for students to wear, and honor teachers who are affected by different cancers.

Cancer has touched me in that my mom, Chris Needles, has battled breast cancer twice in the past 9 years. My brother, Matt, was in 9th grade the first time she was diagnosed, and was a senior the second time. I also have twin sisters, Rebecca and Gretchen, who were in 7th and 10th grade during that time. I was in third and sixth grade at those times, but am very happy that my mom can participate in schools functions with me just like she did when my siblings were here.

I have been able to bring Cancer Awareness to Mt. Lebanon while working on the Gilda's Teen Advisory Committee. GTAC is a group of teenagers throughout Pittsburgh that have been touched by cancer in some way.  We have weekly meetings over the internet to discuss ways to raise awareness and to provide resources to other teenagers who might be touched by cancer in their own lives. Our goal is to make kids aware that they are not alone in this and they have people who can help them.

This year, I have decided to expand Cancer Awareness Week to all 10 schools in the district, because I discovered that it's not only High Schoolers who are affected.

Students in the High School and Middle Schools will be provided with ribbons each morning in Homeroom, corresponding to the Cancer being recognized each day. Elementary School students are encouraged to wear the "Color of the Day" each day.

The color for each day and corresponding Cancers are:

Monday- General Cancer Day- White
Tuesday- Ovarian Cancer Day- Teal
Wednesday- Prostate Cancer Day- Light Blue
Thursday- Breast Cancer Day- Pink
Friday- Gilda's Club Day- Red

Alex Needles

KDKA feature on Cancer Awareness Week

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