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Plans for High School Redesign Move Forward
June 21, 2011

At the Architect Update on June 20, 2011, Dr. Tim Steinhauer made a presentation to the School Board outlining the changes currently being recommended to reduce the cost of the high school plan with the goal to re-bid the project this fall.  The presentation focused on the work that has occurred since the opening of the bids on April 19, 2011. The changes that were recommended, specifically the reduction of approximately 31,000 square feet in the new G-Building and the Athletic Building, were made with the goal to have little or no impact on the high school program. The plan continues to be aligned to the 15 Design Criteria that were established following the DeJong Space Utilization Study in 2006 and through community input gathered over the course of the design process. An area of major change is the redesign of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems (MEP). The original systems were designed with the goal of attaining LEED Silver certification.  The MEP redesign, while still providing energy efficient boilers, chillers, HVAC systems, etc., represents considerable cost savings but also makes achieving LEED certification unlikely. Items placed on the Deduct and Add Alternate lists such as the third auxiliary gym, tennis courts and rifle range remain in the project.

Next steps in the process:
At the June 20th meeting, the School Board directed the architects to begin drawing plans based on the list of accepted items for the redesign. CFB will begin the work once Dr. Davis and Dr. Steinhauer approve the floor plans.  Once this work is completed, PJ Dick will have the necessary information to develop more detailed cost estimates.  The administration will continue to refine the list of potential savings while still exploring additional savings. District staff will review the potential changes with the municipality and other authorities having jurisdiction.

The School Board gave CFB direction to proceed with the following items:

1- Changes to G- Building, B-Building and the Athletic Building. The School Board also asked the architects and construction managers to explore the potential costs to keep the steel and current foundation planned for G-Building to allow for the option to add a floor in the future.
2- The preliminary add/deducts lists.
3- Changes to the elevator and loading dock.
4- Redesign MEP systems.
5- Expansion of the District’s current Lenel Security System instead of purchasing a completely new system.

The Board will discuss using single versus multiple prime contractors at the July Board meetings.

Here is a snapshot of the major recommendations for the re-design of the project:

G-Building Changes
-Remove the third floor of the G-Building and relocate the mathematics department classrooms planned for that space to the sixth floor of B-Building
-Relocate science spaces down one level to the second floor of G-Building
-Relocated the theatrical make-up room to a space adjacent to the auditorium
-Eliminate one two-story unassigned break-out area (817 square feet)
-Each academic program space is accounted for in the redesign, with similarly sized classrooms

B- Building Changes
-Existing corridor walls will remain in the same location
-Central Office will move from the sixth floor to a smaller space on the fourth floor (less space needed due to administrative reorganization)
- District special education offices and school psychologists offices will be relocated to another building (these staff members’ offices are not building bound since they serve all of the schools)
-Math Department classrooms and some Social Studies classrooms will relocate to the sixth floor
-Addition of a new large group instruction room on the sixth floor of B-building (1130 square feet)
-Each academic program space is accounted for in the redesign, with similarly sized classrooms

Athletic Building Changes
-Elimination of the lowest floor-two levels below the main gym and auxiliary gym
-Relocate the lower level spaces such as locker rooms to the shell space one level above
-Loss of some storage space and a minimal decrease in size of some rooms
-Each athletic space is accounted for in the redesign

Exterior Changes
-Less multi-colored blue glass replaced with tinted low E glass
- Loading dock will be raised to street level requiring less excavation and retaining walls
-3rd floor of G-Building eliminated
-Less glass on walkway to athletic building and front of pool building

MEP Changes

-Use DX condenser air conditioning in athletic building and
reducing the size of the chiller
– Install 2 chillers instead of 3
– Replace 130 fan power boxes with Variable Air Volume units
– Eliminate 2 airflow stations per air handling unit or roof top unit
– Eliminate day lighting controls in classrooms (dimming ballasts)
– Distribute power to buildings at 23 KVA in lieu of 4160 V
– Improve bidding for Building Automation Systems
-Separate bidding for telephone system


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