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Mt. Lebanon Centennial Parade

On Saturday, September 8,  2012 , a parade was held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Mt. Lebanon community and school district. All Mt. Lebanon schools built floats for this historical event. Each school float committee shared a description of their float along with the list of individuals who helped make it possible. We want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication for making our Centennial so special.

Washington Elementary School
Our theme is "It All Begins With Washington". Our float has two components: from the front there is an open book with the words "It All Begins With Washington" and facing the back is a painting of Washington School.  Also on the float will be student figures decorated by students.  The tissue paper flowers were made by every student at the school.  A teacher will be riding in the float, waving to the crowd, while wearing a George Washington costume.  Finally, since our crossing guard, Elaine, is such a permanent fixture in the front of our school, she will be marching wearing her uniform and stop sign.


Float Committee:

Jan Loney

Sharon Riesmeyer

Mary Kay Davis

Lisa Silverman

Melanie Szigethy

Julie Toussaint

Haley Gbur

Laurey Simkin-Silverman

Jennie Bhojwani

Linda Kuczynski

Kathryn Duchin

Marc Duchin

Rob Gardner

Anne Pillion


Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School will join the centennial parade with Mr. Abraham Lincoln himself. He will ride down Washington Road in his "log cabin"  accompanied by little Mr. Lincolns. The cabin will be decorated with a patriotic theme that also highlights the centennial "100" celebration. Banners that accompany the float will feature all the children, teachers, and staff at Lincoln.


Thank you to the members of Lincoln's Float Committee: Kristin Bartone, Betsy Doherty, Michelle Garlitz, Aimee Girod, Molly Levine, Shannon Masteller, and Sharon McCague. Thank you Aaron and Kristin Bartone for letting us use your vehicle and trailer. Thank you Christopher Brown, Aaron Bartone, and John Lufburrow for building the float. 


Thank you to all of our teachers, staff, and students who contributed to the banners for each grade. Special thanks to several teachers for their help: Stu Hall, Jill Majestic, and Stacy Maehling. Dr. Marybeth Irvin, Diane Popek, and Roseann Stimple also supported our efforts and we thank them, too.


Finally, we really appreciate the donations from: Kerry Descalzi, Betsy Doherty, Janelle Eger, Sylvia Famoso, Michelle Garlitz, Adrienne Girod, Aimee Girod, John Lufburrow, Kara Michaelson, Shannon Smith, Andrea Stein. 


Howe Elementary School 

Howe Elementary students take great pride in their hard work with the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.  The following passage is read to the students at the beginning of each year, and they have taken it to heart:

Wisdom of Geese
As each goose flaps its wings, it creates "uplift" for the birds that are following. By flying in a "V" formation, the whole flock adds 71% more flying range than if each flew alone.

Whenever a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to fly alone and quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the birds immediately in front.

When a lead goose gets tired, it rotates back into formation and another goose flies at the point position. The geese in formation honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed.

When a goose gets sick, wounded, two geese drop out of formation and follow their fellow member, to help and provide protection. They stay with this member of the flock until he or she is able to fly again. Then they launch out on their own, with another formation, or catch up with their own flock.
Author unknown

As a result, you will see our float of "geese"... in a V-formation, with each and every Howe Elementary student's name on one of the geese... even the staff members' names on are on the leading goose.

Howe kids stick together, help each other succeed, and always pull each other forward to reach the highest potential.

That's just Howe we do it.

Float Committee:
Debbie Jozwiak
Dan Schwartz
Rheyma Schwartz
Abby Cannone
Maralee Williams
Deb Dewit
Nicole Airey
Garrett Hain
Michelle Murray
Maria Holzworth and Howard Hanna Realty
Debbie Parrish and Parrish Law Offices
Jenna Construction
Goff Backa Alfera and Company
Thomas Geisler and Company
Michelle Murray, Howe principal



Birthday cake:
Adair Family
Mosesso/Romano Family
Orelli Family
Jozwiak Family
Alexander Family


Cannone Family
Airey Family
Jozwiak Family
Garrett Hain
Schwartz Family
Bouvy Family
Pollock Family
Fuelhart Family
O'Neill Family
Newkirk Family
Schwartz Family
Williams Family (Maya Williams is in 5th grade)

Markham Elementary School


Markham Elementary School
Our theme is “There’s No Place Like Markham…”
Follow us down the yellow brick road to....Markham! This will be a Wizard of Oz journey with Dorothy, a Tin Man, Munchkins and much more - Don’t miss it!


Float Committee

Denise Campagna 

Suzann McGeary 

Liz & Brian Campbell 

Cindy &Geoff Wood 

Corey Flynn 

Thad Davis 

Christine Martin 

Chantelle Moore 

Leanne Simmonds 

Toni Sorsdal   

Walnut Grill ~ 660 Washington Rd Mt. Lebo 15228
Jim Jenkins Lawn and Garden Center ~ 1877 Painters Run Road  USC 15241


Foster Elementary School

When we were approached by the district to come up with an idea for the Mt. Lebanon Centennial Parade, our float committee tried to think of things that made Foster Elementary special.  Some of the ideas that emerged, involved nature.  Foster has many natural features such as a habitat trail, butterfly garden, and several other garden beds in the front lawn of the school.  We also have a beautiful huge oak that stands in the center of our playground.  We decided to feature this tree on our float.

Jen Rodriguez single handedly created for us a beautiful tree that has a special Foster inscription carved on the trunk.  In addition, she wrote each Foster student’s name on every leaf.  We also were fortunate enough to have Regis and Helene McQuaide, owners of Master Remodelers, donate their truck and trailer.  Bob Andrews, secured the tree to the stand, and basically put all the components together on the trailer. The other Foster parents and students who were kind enough to donate their time and talents (including walking in the parade) are Ella and Dylan Rodriguez, Julie, Meghan and Molly Maselko, Lisa, Caroline and Ellie Moses, Ellie and Hunter McQuaide, Duncan and Riley Andrews, , Isabelle and Gina Stoehr, Dana, Hannah, Abby and Maya Jones, Katy, Justine and Rachel Meta and our principal Jason Ramsey.  Thanks to everyone for all your hard work and your love for Foster.


Jefferson Elementary School
Our theme is "Jefferson Elementary School 1952-2012 ~ 60 Years of Opening Doors to the Love of Learning" 

The float is a classic chicken wire and pom float depicting 3 doors on the orange school building as well as windows.  Each door is titled, with open door panels, and the inside of the door states what that door leads to:

Door of a Teacher's Heart (leads to) a Passion for Learning
Door of Critical Thinking (leads to) Wisdom
Door of the Joy of Childhood Play (leads to) Healthy Minds & Bodies

The window and door panes have the school pictures of all JES students and faculty (2011-2012) as well as, Mr. Schnirel and students and teachers from the early 1970s (MTL class of 1984) in black and white to give it a historical feel.   This is over 300 pictures of kids and faculty related to JES.

As a JES alum, the float has been a labor of love.  The old pictures are from my own archives and I reached out to other alum for their own pictures.  The float is homemade and contains over 2500+ handmade and hand-fluffed poms.  I  make the poms, leave them on my doorstep and my helpers come by to pick them up and fluff them for placement on the float.  The pictures were copied, cut and pasted onto lamination ready sheets, laminated and then re-cut and glued onto the windows and doors.


Vehicle Donation/Lending:  Dawn Thomas and Laura & Justin Budd Pom Making:  Marjie & Rosemary Crist (3rd grader prepped the plastic strips and trimmed the poms for puffing giving up her August at the pool)
Pom Puffers:  Colleen Frank, Michele Tipton, Ann Becker , Jenn Schubert, Tracey Heinlein.
Grand Laminator!!  Beth Baer at JES Office
Float Construction:  Marjie & Rosemary Crist and Michele & Joey Tipton.

Hoover Elementary School
You'll have to come to the parade to see the Hoover float. It's a surprise!

Mellon Middle School
Our Theme is  "Happy 100th Birthday". We will have a birthday cake riding on the back of a flatbed truck.  Students will carry "candles" fashioned from swimming noodles.  Additionally, we will use blue and yellow balloons to decorate the float and for our participants to carry.  Besides myself, our committee includes: Chris Wolfson, Maggie and Tom Fleming, Jennifer Rodriguez (Mellon art teacher) and her 8th grade art enrichment classes.  Tom Fleming is donating the use of his truck to carry our float.  Our corporate sponsors are Maggie Fleming of Neishloss & Fleming Inc. and Kim Lanphear, Real Estate Agent with Howard Hanna. 

Jefferson Middle School
" Mt. Lebanon Through the Years" is the theme of the Jefferson Middle School float. The back of the float will feature a large yearbook and around the bottom of the float there will be bookshelves with the years 1912 through 2012 painted on the spine of each yearbook. Students will dress in costumes for each decade.

Thank you to all who helped make the JMS Centennial Parade float a success! Our giant yearbook with real pages from the 2012 yearbook looked great floating down Washington Road. We couldn't have done it without help from a number of people. Please thank our sponsors if you use their services, too!



Oxford Landscaping – Thank you for the use of your trailer and for driving our float!
Eleni Alexander Salon – Thank you for your financial support!


Builders, Decorators, and Errand Runners:

Thad Davis
Jennifer Angelopoulos
Heather Charron
The Flaherty Family
The Richardson Family
The Welker Family


School Support:

Dr. Walsh
Mrs. Swatko
Mrs. Cherry



Mt. Lebanon High School
Our theme is "Mt. Lebanon High School-Lebo Spirit Past, Present, Future."
High School students will celebrate the Lebo Spirit as students wear vintage Lebo gear donated from former graduates-an old Rockette uniform, vests and beanies from the late 50's and early 60's, letter sweaters and band jackets. Sponsors include Oxford Landscaping, Pro Knitwear, and Jim and Ruby Kang. Katie Caste, Ruby Kang and Carlie McGinty coordinated the float.


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