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Mt. Lebanon School District Review Teams

In the Summer of 2010, the Mt. Lebanon School Board adopted a multi-year plan to review and analyze District programs and operations in response to potential budget challenges facing Mt. Lebanon over the next several years. These challenges include rising pension and health care costs, decreased state and federal subsidies, and moderating earned income taxes. Taking a proactive approach, the Board formed teams of administration staff, board members, and community members to study and make recommendations to the School Board that would result in cost savings to the District, and/or provide revenue generating opportunities.  The plan centers on the formation of Program and Operations Review Teams that will convene over the coming years focusing in on specific areas of the District budget. Four teams were formed in the fall of 2010 and more will be formed in the coming year.

The School Board and administration welcome input from the community in all of the program areas. This web page provides residents an opportunity to offer input and suggestions for the teams to review and consider.  Please use the ďContact the TeamĒ link in the table below.

Thank you in advance for taking this opportunity to provide your thoughts about this process. Your input will be held in confidence by the teams.

Program Review Team
The goal of the Program Review Teams will be to maintain or reduce recurring expenditures consistent with the Districtís Strategic Plan. In addition, all teams will explore and suggest revenue generating opportunities when feasible. These teams will review school district programs including academics, athletics, fine and performing arts, health services and extra-curricular activities. In addition, a team was formed to explore revenue generating opportunities.

Operations Review Team
The goal of the Operation Review Teams will be to maintain or reduce recurring expenditures consistent with the Districtís Strategic Plan. In addition, all teams will explore revenue generating opportunities wherever feasible. These teams will review school district operations including maintenance, custodial, food service, business office operations, financial management, staff planning, benefits and compensation, employee relations, capital projects, transportation, technology and utility management.

Both teams will provide feedback and recommendations to the School Board regarding opportunities for improvement and efficiency while maintaining or reducing expenditures.

Teams  Team Members  Team Description and Reports Contact the Team
Program Review Team       
Revenue Generating Co-Chairs:
Kirsten Fudeman
Jan Klein

Board Liason:
Mary Birks

Marc Field
Shannon Johnson
Scott Kerr
Scott Ritenour
Tim Steinhauer

This team was tasked with finding new revenue sources which could be a recurring source of income for the District.

Click here to view the Revenue Generating Review Team Report.9.19.2011

Revenue Generating Review Team School Board Presentation PPT

Revenue Generating Review Team Report

Contact the Team
Operations Review Teams       
Capital Projects Co-Chairs:
Rick Marciniak 
Gerald Ingram
Board Liason:
Ed Kubit 

Kim Abel
Mark Ackerman
Al Frioni
J. P. Morgan
Daniel Pinho

The area of focus for this team is to maintain or reduce recurring capital project expenditures consistent with the Districtís Strategic Plan. The specific task of the Capital Projects Operations Committee was to review the capital program processes and projects; identify improved operational processes and procedures; identify revenue generating opportunities; identify improvements and efficiency gains while maintaining or reducing expenses and identify operations no longer serving the Districtís needs.

Click here to view the Capital Projects Team Presentation 9.12.11

Final Report

Capital Projects


Contact the Team
Staff Planning Co-Chairs:
Steve Scheurer
Dr. Deb Allen

Board Liason:
Dale Ostergaard

Kelly Bareford
Brian Foster
Rob Gardner
Judy Kramer
Jim Schreiber
The long range goal of the staff planning team is to provide feedback and recommendations to the Board regarding opportunities for improvements and efficiencies as they relate to the deployment of our human resources. The team is assessing staff levels across all  functional areas of the school district as well as enrollment trends and projections.

A community forum for this team was held on at the November 14, 2011, School Board Discussion meeting at 7:30PM in the high school library.
Staffing Team Report
Contact the Team
Utility Operations

Gerald Ingram
Steve Vennare

Board Liason:
Elaine Cappucci
Scott Goldman
Kathy Hrabovsky
Tammy Janero
Kristen Linfante

The Utility Operations Review Team was formed to identify potential cost cutting ideas to present to the Board for information and possible implementation. The team has reviewed past and present energy trends, how the District utilizes its buildings, the current energy policy, along with innovative ideas for current and future consideration.

Utilities Review Team Report (12.12.2011)


Contact the Team
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