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About the High School Facility



 An aerial view of Mt. Lebanon High School with the building
 additions labeled according to the year they were constructed.

   An aerial photo of the high school complex taken in 1957.

A Brief History of the Building
The original high school, or A building was built in 1928.  In 1930, building B, which fronts on Cochran Road, was constructed, and was called “one of the most modern educational plants in the state.”  From there, Buildings D and E – the gym, pool and auditorium wings – were added in 1955 as the community desired increased physical education and fine arts components of the curriculum.  In 1972 the Fine Arts Theater in Building F was added, again to increase the strength of the fine arts curriculum.  Building C was also completed in 1972.  At that time the C wing housed what were then state-of-the art science labs, a planetarium, a modern kitchen and three cafeterias located on four separate floors, group lecture space, a larger library, the Center Court, and the turf field.

Fast Facts About the High School

  • The current building houses 1912 students in grades 9 through 12
  • Square feet: 545,255 
  • The building sits on a 28 acre site
  • Number of classrooms: 162
  • Utilities cost for 2006-07: $974,121 (57 percent of the District’s heating, cooling, and electricity costs)
  • The High School boiler was installed in 1930 when B Building was constructed
  • Roofs: 27 including 15 on  A Building
  • Exterior doors: 44 
  • Exterior windows: 1250
  • Interior doors: 557
  • Light fixtures: 6,165
  • Vents: 673
  • Bathroom fixtures: 621
  • Wiring for new technology had to be hung on tracks mounted on the ceiling because of asbestos throughout Building C

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