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DeJong Facility Planning Documents

Beginning in the fall of 2006, meetings and community forums took place to begin to give shape to the program needs and space requirements for the project. The links below will take you to indepth information about the Facility Utilization Study, along with an overview of the project planning process, supporting documents and demographic information about Mt. Lebanon High School.

Mt. Lebanon High School Facility Study (December 2006)

Section A:
  -Executive Summary
  -Next Steps
  -Overlay Concepts
  -Site Issues
  -Community Use
  -Technology Plan
  -Landscaping, Playing and Practice Fields, Site and Lighting
Section B:
 -Background Report
 -Educational Specifications Committee & Community Futures Conference Workshop Report (10.10.06)
 -Community Dialogue Report (11.14.06)
Section C:
 -Compilation of Space
Section D:
 -Trends in Education Presentation
 -Value Programming
 -Overall Diagrams

November 14 and 15, 2006 Educational Specifications Committee Working Documents
MTLHS Facility Utilization Study Community Dialogue Report (November 14, 2006)
MTLHS Site Options
MTLHS Compilation of Space and Bubble Diagrams

Community Workshop
MTLHS Background Report
MTLHS Visioning and Futures Conference Report

October 10, 2006
Educational Specifications Committee Documents
Educational Specifications Committee & Future's Conference Report
Facility Utilization Study Background Report

2030 Worksheet
American High School Criticism
Large Small High School Comparison
Prioritize Options
Program Delivery Options
Worksession Explanation

Supporting Articles
Building Change into New Buildings
Flexible Schools
High School for the Millennium
Successful Master Plans
Project Based Learning
Ten Trends Shaping Planning Design
Big Buildings, Small Schools
From Large to Small: Strategies for Personalizing the High School
Reforming American High Schools
School Character and Climate

Evening Community Workshop
High School Trends Presentation
Evening worksheet

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