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Mt. Lebanon High School Traffic and Parking Update

The following closures/traffic patterns will be in effect beginning Monday, December 23, 2013 until further notice. Thank you for your continued patience during the high school construction project.  

Map of High School Campus  Updated Dec. 18, 2013.

Questions-call 412-344-2003.

High School Entrances
The visitor entrance to the high school is C-28 located in the back of the school. All visitors must sign in with the campus manager.

General Traffic/Campus Access Information
 Horsman Drive will be closed to BOTH pedestrians and vehicles AT ALL TIMES from Cochran Road to the South Parking Lot (section of road in front of the A-3 (auditorium) entrance).  The auditorium entrance A-3 will be closed until further notice. 

 Horsman Drive from Stadium Drive to Lebanon Avenue (section of road above high school stadium) will continue to remain closed to vehicles through the remainder of the project.

 Morgan Drive (from Cedar Boulevard) continues to remain open.  The high school stadium, field house, and Mt. Lebanon Recreation Center are accessible from Morgan Drive via Cedar Boulevard.

Entering the High School Building (PLEASE NOTE THESE CHANGES)
 Entrance A-1 (Cochran Road/old main entrance) OPEN 7:15am 8:10am
 Entrance C-28 (rear of high school):   OPEN 7:15am 4:00pm
 Entrance A-3 (auditorium entrance):  CLOSED
 Entrance D-44 (North Parking Lot):   CLOSED

Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up and Handicapped Access
 North Parking Lot The North Parking Lot will continue to serve as a drop-off/pick-up location for parents/students.  To enter the North Lot, vehicles must make a left off of Lebanon Avenue onto Horsman Drive so that another left can be made into the North Lot.  After dropping a student off at this location, students should proceed to entrance A-1 (before 8:10am) or C-28 (after 8:10am).

 Morgan Drive Vehicles proceeding up Morgan Drive will be able to enter the South Lot, proceed down Horsman Drive and then drop-off/pick-up students at the intersection of Horsman and Stadium Drives (see attached map).  Vehicles will then proceed down Stadium Drive to exit the campus.  (This is a one-way loop.) After dropping a student off at this location (intersection at Horsman and Stadium Drives), students should use the pedestrian walkway located in front of the new athletic complex and then proceed to entrance C-28 (rear of high school).

 Non-student visitor and non-student handicap parking continues to be available in the North Parking Lot (Lebanon Avenue).  Handicap access is through Entrance A-1 (Cochran Road/old main entrance) from 7:15am 8:10am and C-28 (rear of high school) from 7:15am through the end of the school day. 

Please note that municipal signage states that there is no stopping or standing on Lebanon Avenue and Cochran Road.  Failure to obey posted signage may result in being ticketed.


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