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Afternoon Jolt 

Why not catch the power of better study habits and better grades?

All JMS students wishing to improve their school work while working with friendly and helpful high school students are invited to attend tutoring sessions.  Beginning on Tuesday, October 7, Jolt will meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:10 - 4:10 p.m. in writing lab 104

High School and eighth grade peer tutors will be paired with JMS students and offer direct assistance based on the individual daily needs of each student. Direct assistance with homework will be one of the main priorities. Students will have the opportunity to bring their homework materials to the program and receive direct assistance from teachers and peer-tutors where appropriate. In addition, assistance in the area of study skills will be a major emphasis of the program. One to one studying assistance or peer study groups will help your child prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes. Overall, JOLT will assist your child with individual academic needs, in a fun, structured, peer to peer environment.

Attendance Policy
If a student cannot attend JOLT they are expected to make Mr. Phillips (JOLT coordinator, Room 203) aware with a note from a parent or through spoken communication. Parents may also contact Mr. Phillips via email if a student cannot attend or if they have any general questions about their child.

How to Register
Printable JOLT Registration Form 

Contact Mr. Zeiders or Mr. Phillips for more information or to sign up for this electrifying program.

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