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Fifth Grade Math Games Kindergarten Newsletter Accelerated Reader


Lincoln Kindergarten Newsletter

April  2006

Dates to Remember:

  April 10-14   Spring Recess  No School

  April 19-21   Grades  1-5 have a 11:45 dismissal due to parent teacher conferences. 
AM and PM Kindergarten classes will be in session.

  April 27         Field Trip to the Frick Art and Historical Museum. All AM and
                         PM classes will be going on the field trip together. 
All AM and PM kindergarten students should arrive at  school at
                         and will be dismissed at

  May 4            No Kindergarten Classes due to Kindergarten Orientation for
                         current preschoolers.

Language Arts:

As we begin this month, the children will continue to review all the letters, sounds and high frequency words that they have learned so far this year.  At this point in the year the children should be able to identify letter names and sounds rapidly with little pause. It is helpful if the children can do the same with the high frequency words as well.

Letters and Sounds Students should already know

a, b, c, d, e,  f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, t, v, w, x

Words students should have memorized

a   the   my  like  I   go   we   on   to   you   have   what   do   see   no  look  come

Letters and sounds we will learn this month

y,  z

High Frequency words we will learn this month

for, me


This month we will continue to explore money as children count pennies and nickels. One of the Math partner games will give the children an understanding that 5 pennies is the same value as 1 nickel.  Last month the children began investigating addition as they learned that 2 parts make a whole. This month our focus will be on subtraction stories as the children learn to read and write subtraction number sentences such as 5-1=4. Through the use of manipulatives and strategies such as acting it out and drawing a picture the children will under stand that subtraction is taking away part from a whole to find the remaining part. They will also learn that subtraction is used to find the difference.

Social Living/Science:

We begin the month with our new Heartwood attribute of Hope.  We will also be discussing the season of spring. Students will be able to identify the signs of spring.  Many of our art projects will center on this theme. We will also revisit the Tree unit. The children will observe how the trees in our environment change with the season.  After we return from Spring Break we will begin a 2 week unit about life long ago.  The children will learn about families, schools and transportation of long ago.  The culminating activity will be a field trip to The Frick Art and Historical Museum on Thursday, April   .  On this trip the children will tour Clayton, the Frick Family Home of the late 1800’s, and the Car and Carriage Museum. The program is designed for Kindergarteners and includes role playing, singing, and hands on investigations with docent guided tours.

Other News:

                   Arriving earlier than expected, Matthew Patrick O’Connor was born on March 1st   .  Mrs. O’Connor and family are doing well. We look forward to her visit sometime in April. Matthew is such a handsome boy!

                     Mrs. Snyder’s AM and PM classes welcomed Miss Jen Smith to our classroom last week.  Miss Smith is a student teacher from Duquesne who will be observing and teaching in our classroom through the end of the year. Miss Smith has a science background with a previous career as a   wildlife biologist.  She is also a graduate of Lincoln Elementary!

                   Thanks to all the families who purchased books from the Book Fair and donated them to the Kindergarten classroom libraries.  They will be enjoyed by kindergarten students today and for years to come!

Happy Spring
The Kindergarten Team


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