Council PTA Committee Chairs 2017-2018

Council PTA has standing committees that represent a broad range of topics and issues affecting students and their families.

Council PTA committee chairs also provide support and leadership to the respective committee chairs in Mt. Lebanon local unit PTAs. For details on any committee, click on the committee name below.

Arts in Education (Reflections)

Shall coordinate the PTA Arts in Education program throughout the District. This shall include arranging for judging of entries at the Council level, notification of students, teachers, and administrators of their advancement through the levels of the Arts in Education program, and arranging for attendance of PA PTA Region 3 winners at the Spring Region 3 luncheon.

Chair #1 - Michelle Dawson (arrange judges)

Chair #2: Open - contact Moira Aulbach if interested in chairing. Responsibilities include logistics, communicating to each of the unit PTA's.



Responsible for revision and amendments to Bylaws. Bylaws must be revised every five (5) years. Coordinates with local Bylaws Chairmen as needed. Responsible for updating the Standing Rules with the help of Council Officers.

Chair: Lisa Silverman




Capital Campaign Liason

Community Service

Chair #1 (High School) - Lisa Silverman

Chair #2 (Middle School): Open - contact Moira Aulbach if interested in chairing

Chair #3 (Elementary) - Sue Galeone

Committee Report 2016-17

Cultural Arts

Shall coordinate a meeting of all chairs at the beginning of the year to share ideas and discuss combining events for cost-savings.


Colleen Frank


Environmental Concerns

Shall develop a channel of communication between the unit PTAs and the school district regarding environmental issues and policies. Shall provide support to unit PTAs who are initiating environmental programs.

Chair: Open - contact Moira Aulbach if interested in chairing


Human Relations/Newcomers

Shall coordinate local unit Human Relations Chairs. Shall coordinate information to share with all families new to the School District with local unit Human Relations Chairs.

Chair: Open - contact Moira Aulbach if interested in chairing


Juvenile Protection

Shall work with local unit chairs on issues related to student/pedestrian traffic concerns or other student safety issues.. Shall coordinate PTA concerns with appropriate school district and municipal personnel, as needed.


Bonnie Dougherty

Committee Report 2016-17


Shall coordinate the Membership Drive for the Mt. Lebanon PTAs. Shall meet as needed with local unit Membership Chairs. Shall keep central records of PTA memberships.

Chair: Open - contact Moira Aulbach if interested in chairing



Newsletter Coordinator

Shall serve as the PTA contact for newsletter articles and notices from the school district, community and other outside groups that are of district wide interest; and disseminate such district wide newsletter articles to each of the other school district PTA units.


Sara Hendrick



Newsletter Submission Guidelines 2017/18

Current Community Events

All Schools

Halloween Parade - Oct 28

High School Evening Technical Theater Presents "You Can't Take it With You" - Nov 8-11

MTLSD Food Service Employee Opportunities

School Board Candidate Questionnaire - Pennsylvania PTA, issued a candidate’s questionnaire to all candidates running for School Director of Mt. Lebanon School District. Link Here for the candidate’s responses.

School Board Candidate Forum - Oct 26


Girl Scouts

Elementary & Middle School

VID Workshop - Map Creation (Sept) & Animation (Nov)

VID Workshop - Mobile Game Design (Dec)

Canvas Creations

Mt. Lebanon Basketball Association Team Tryouts

Mt. Lebanon Wrestling Introductory Youth Practices

Middle School

Club Lebo

Middle School & High School


Parent/School Education

Shall meet as needed with local unit chairs. May sponsor annual or semiannual district wide programs on issues affecting education or parenting.


Julie Maselko



Staff Appreciation

Shall coordinate the annual Central Office Luncheon during Teacher Appreciation Week.


Rachel Meta

Committee Report 2016-17


Shall coordinate with the district and the local units technology initiatives involving the PTA website and any other technology initiative pertinent to the Council or local units.

Chair: Sara Hendrick


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