Facilities Department

The Mt. Lebanon School District Facilities Department is responsible for the maintenance of the District's buildings and grounds, transportation, as well as oversight of capital improvements and building rentals.

2015-2016 Capital Projects List


Jeff Kasier

Facilities Manager/
District Rentals

Cara Ringel

Assistant Facilities Manager/
Transportation Manager

Jennifer Powell
Administrative Assistant


Julie Nydes

Service Response

Chris Sambolt
District Rentals Secretary


Facility Rental Information


Dear Parents, Students, Employees and Visitors:

In 1986, Congress passed the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). This required schools to be inspected to identify any asbestos-containing building materials. All buildings owned or used by the Mount Lebanon School District were inspected and suspect materials were sampled to be tested and characterized according to condition and potential hazard. The AHERA regulation requires that each building be re-inspected every three (3) years for the purpose of re-assessing the condition of the materials. The Mount Lebanon School District also conducts a mandated 6-Month Surveillance of each school building to ensure that the known or assumed asbestos-containing materials remain in good condition.

The information is compiled into an AHERA Management Plan. A copy of the Management Plan for a school building is available at the Administration office for that particular school.

Throughout the past 20 years, the Mount Lebanon School District has removed the accessible asbestos-containing building materials from most of our schools, and continues to maintain the existing materials.

It is the intention of the Mount Lebanon School District to comply with all Federal, State and local regulations and guidelines to maintain and take whatever steps necessary to ensure students, parents and employees a healthy and safe environment in which to learn and work.

The AHERA Management Plan is available to be reviewed upon request.

Mt.Lebanon School District

Facilities Dept.


Mr. Rick Marciniak
Director of Facilities/
Project Manager

Facilities Department
7 Horsman Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Phone: 412-344-2191
Fax: 412-344-8669

Mt. Lebanon School District

7 Horsman Drive

Pittsburgh PA 15228

Fax: 412-344-2047


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