Posted 02/14/2017 10:08AM
Markham 5th grade is featured in the "Be a Friend" video mash-up contest for Music Express magazine! The video was just released yesterday! (see more description below) Watch the winning schools of the Music Express Video Mash-Up Contest dance along with John Jacobson and friends to "Be a Friend." This song is featured in the August/September 2017 issue of Music Express magazine, the classroom magazine for young musicians,
Posted 02/14/2017 09:54AM
First graders have been having fun practicing their measuring skills with different sized units. They used one inch tiles, craft sticks, baby steps and basket ball player steps to measure animal jumps. Then they asked themselves the question, does it take more baby steps or basketball player steps to measure an animal jump? The focus of the unit is to develop a foundation skills for accurate linear measurement. Please click on title for more pictures.
Posted 02/06/2017 07:35AM
The King of 100th Day, Dr. Freil, introduces Mr. Wizard and his 'Guess My Number Game' to the morning Kindergarten.


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