The Mt. Lebanon School District offers a half-day kindergarten program which provides opportunities for children to grow cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally. Every content area is begun in kindergarten with specific goals and objectives geared to the different developmental levels of the children. Per District Policy JEB, children who reach the age of five before September 8th or the first student day of school (whichever occurs later) are eligible to enter kindergarten in September of that school year. Parents are encouraged to notify the school of their child’s eligibility for the kindergarten program. A birth certificate or passport and evidence of basic immunization must be presented before a child’s entrance to school. New entrants to kindergarten must be enrolled prior to the end of the first two weeks of school, transfer students excepted.

For more detailed information please visit the Kindergarten Google Site.

Immunization Requirements

Pennsylvania law requires that all students show proof of immunization before attending any school in the Commonwealth. Kindergarten or 1st grade students entering school for the first time are required to show proof of the following immunizations:

Diphtheria* Tetanus* (DPT)

4 doses required, 1 dose to be given on or after the 4th birthday; 3 doses, if series started after 7 years of age


3 doses required


2 doses required


2 dose required


1 dose required

Hepatitis B

3 doses required, properly spaced

Chicken Pox

2 doses of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine
or written statement from
physician/designee indicating month and
year of disease or proof of immunity by
blood test.

Kindergarten Orientation

Each of Mt. Lebanon's elementary schools holds a Kindergarten Orientation for parents and incoming students in the spring. Preschoolers have an opportunity to meet the teachers and visit the classrooms while the building principal and staff speak to the parents. The presentation includes a comprehensive overview of the kindergarten program and the wide spectrum of services available in the school.

This year’s orientation at each building will be held on May 5, at 9:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m.

Kindergarten Screening

Every entering kindergarten student will be given a short screening interview in late spring to assess basic skills to aid parents and teachers to student placement. This tool is used just as a baseline of student knowledge.

Kindergarten Interviews

Kindergarten interviews will be held on the first two days of school. These interviews are a wonderful opportunity for each student to individually meet the teacher and get acquainted with the classroom prior to the official first day of kindergarten. We have found that the interviews greatly help to reduce anxiety on "the big day" as the children have an idea of what to expect. Please feel free to bring your camera if you would like to take a few pictures! Please note that the first official day of Kindergarten will fall on the third school day for grades 1 through 5.

You will be receiving a letter in August with your child's scheduled interview date and time. We are looking forward to meeting you and your child at the interview!

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