Dr. Freil's Message

It is my distinct pleasure to serve as Markham School's principal. In the six years I have been at this school, I have seen our community grow academically, collaboratively, and culturally. These changes, while not always easy, have always been met with an eye on providing the best education possible for each child at Markham School.

Our mission reminds us that educationally relevant practices require our students to embrace a 21st century mindset across our learning environment. The tenets of the Mission speak to growing effectively as communicators, critical thinkers, problem solvers, while focusing on respect and the intrinsic motivation necessary to sustain learning over time and place. These ideals underscore the fabric of our practice - and we take tremendous pride in the culture which allows that practice to flourish.

However, schools are not one sided entities. We rely on the partnerships with our families so that together, we can work on providing the best education necessary for each child. That collaboration is key to our school community success.

Thank you for entrusting your children to us each day. We love being able to influence our school community as we celebrate the successes of the past, while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.


Robert S. Freil, Ed. D.

Principal, Markham Elementary School

Robert S. Freil, Ed. D.

Principal, Markham Elementary School


Robert Freil

Mt. Lebanon School District

7 Horsman Drive

Pittsburgh PA 15228

Fax: 412-344-2047


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