Markham Faculty and Staff


Staff Title Email
Dr. Robert Freil Principal
Mrs. Sue Miller Secretary
Mrs. Daniela Domino Instructional Clerk

Mrs. Joann Dowd Nurse

Mrs. Beth Wolfgang Health Office Aide


Staff Room Number Email
Mrs. Carly Philips 012
Mrs. Linda

First Grade

Staff Room NumberEmail
Mrs. Cheryl Wasserman
Ms. Christa Daube

Second Grade

Staff Room Number Email
Mrs. Brittany Cardillo
Ms. Caitlin Unger
Mrs. Erin Ciotti
Ms. Carolyn Kroll

Third Grade

Staff Room NumberEmail
Mrs. Lisa Gasbarro 210
Mr. Adam Humes 215

Fourth Grade

Staff Room Number Email
Miss Christina
Mrs. Julie Howe
Ms. Katy Sharman

Fifth Grade

Staff Room Number Email
Mrs. Kathy Backa
Mrs. Dianne Evangelista
Mr. Frank

Encore Teachers

Subject Teacher Room Email
FLES-Spanish Señora Adriana Foley 213
Vocal Music Mrs. Mariann Fox 102
Art Mrs. Paula Cherian

Library Mrs. Jenny Marsh Library
P.E./Health Mrs. Shelby Misencik Gym
Band Mrs. Christy Friesner 015
Orchestra Mrs. Allison Harris 015

Custodial Staff

Staff Title Email
Mr. Tim Herzog Head Custodian
Mr. John Bauer Evening Custodian
Mr. Wayne Landy Evening Custodian

Special Services

Subject Teacher Room Email

Speech Mrs. Chris Lazarchik 212
Reading Specialist Mrs. Vicki Burkett 205
Learning Support Ms. Kelsey Barringer 207
School Counselor Mrs. Christie Kettereman 103
Gifted Coordinator Mrs. Kelly Pascarella
Instructional Support Mrs. Gretchen Warmbein 208

Support Staff

Staff Title Email
Mrs. Judith Cline Special Education Classroom Aide
Mrs. Brenda Nascone Classroom Aide
Mrs. Joan Divito Personal Care Assistant
Mrs. Jill Harris Personal Care Assistant
Miss Kelly Paolino Personal Care Assistant

Mt. Lebanon School District

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