The Mt. Lebanon School District Central Office Administration is a team of highly qualified professionals who oversee the day-to-day operations of the school district to ensure the mission to provide the best education possible for each and every student is consistently carried out in all areas of the District’s academic and operational departments. The Central Office team consists of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, and the Directors of Business, Human Resources, Technology, Facilities, Student Services, Communication, and Advancement.



Dr. Timothy Steinhauer
(412) 344-2077
   Mrs. Kimberly Walters
   Administrative Assistant


Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Ronald Davis
Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education
(412) 344-2027
   Ms. Lynn Proie
   Administrative Assistant


Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Marybeth Irvin
Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education
(412) 344-2027
   Ms. Lynn Proie
   Administrative Assistant



Mr. Robert Geletko
Director of Business
(412) 344-2099


Human Resources

Ms. Tenecia Ross
Director of Human Resources
(412) 344-2080



Mrs. Kristen James
Director of Communications
(412) 344-2026



Mr. Christopher Stengel
Director of Technology
(412) 344-2100



Mr. Richard Marciniak
Director of Facilities
(412) 344-2191


Special Education

Dr. Nicci Giehll
Interim Director of Special Education
(412) 344-2044