Evaluation Process

Parents or guardians, who are interested in having their child evaluated by the Mt. Lebanon School District to determine if their child meets criteria as a protected handicapped student, should provide a written request to the building principal located in their child’s neighborhood school.

The written request should include the reason(s) for the request and specifically, the educational concern(s) for their child (i.e. academic, behavioral, social). Additionally, if there is any medical documentation and/or outside evaluation reports for the child, parents and guardians are encouraged to provide a copy of the available information to the district along with the parental or guardian request.

Once the written request is received by the building principal, the district will review the request while issuing an evaluation consent form for the parent or guardian to consider, which would allow the school district to complete a student evaluation. Once the district receives a copy of the signed parent consent form, the district will then complete a protected handicapped, 504 service agreement evaluation for the student within 25 school days.

Once the student evaluation has been completed, the parent or guardian will be notified regarding the outcome of the evaluation, along with the proposed next steps.