Student Evaluations

Parents or guardians, who are interested in having their child evaluated by the Mt. Lebanon School District through a school based multi-disciplinary evaluation (initial evaluation) or re-evaluation (already identified as needing special education supports), should provide a written request to the building principal located in their child’s neighborhood school.
The written request should include the reason(s) for the request and specifically, the educational concern(s) that you have for your child (i.e. academic, behavioral, social). In-turn, the District will either agree to the evaluation by issuing a Permission to Evaluate/Re-Evaluate Consent form or reject the evaluation by issuing a Notice of Recommended Educational Placement (NOREP), which would indicate the reason(s) why the evaluation is being rejected.
If an evaluation/re-evaluation is agreed to by the District and written parent or guardian consent is granted, the student evaluation will be completed and disseminated to the parent or guardian within 60 calendar days. At that time, the parent or guardian will be invited to attend a multi-disciplinary or IEP team meeting to review the results of the report, ask questions to school personnel and to develop or revise an individualized education program, if the child is found to be or continues to be eligible for special education services.