The Strive program works to move students to academic independence through learning skill instruction, tutorial assistance and academic support beyond the regular school program. In addition, the Strive program establishes a needed communication link between the family and school, and attempts to change student attitudes through improved academic performance.

To meet the Pennsylvania State Standards, students who have not achieved proficiency in mathematics, according to the Pennsylvania State Standards Assessment (PSSA), are offered a Strive class specifically focused on improving PSSA math performance.

Students are selected for the General Support program on the basis of several different criteria: PSSA test scores, grades, teacher/team referral, attendance, Otis-Lennon scores, counselor referrals and previous participation in an academic support program (IST, Title I, Strive). A point scale has been correlated with the criteria and the results are tabulated. Final student selection is based on the comparison of each tabulation with a scale of points given to target the at-risk student.

Strive is scheduled during the students’ “Team Time”; therefore, students are never absent from their academic courses. Sixth and seventh grade students are scheduled for half a class period (22 minutes) every day. Eighth grade students are scheduled for a full class period (44 minutes) three times per week. Additionally, the Strive instructors are generally available both before and after school as additional time is needed.

A child’s participation in Strive is dependent upon a number of factors. Students generally remain in the program for the duration of the school year; however, students may progress academically to the point where parents and teachers deem that they no longer need the program.