2022 Junior Book Award Recipients Honored

Each spring, universities and colleges from across the country participate in a tradition to help high schools recognize outstanding students in the junior class.  Universities, colleges, and their alumni associations, invited Mt. Lebanon High School to nominate high achieving juniors for book prizes, medals, and certificates and to be considered for scholarships that might correspond to the awards.

This year, presenters included Chatham University, Harvard University, Princeton University, Society of Women Engineers - Pittsburgh Section, The Historical Society of Mt. Lebanon, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, and Yale University. 

Please join us in congratulating this year’s junior class recipients on their book awards!

Award 2022 Recipient
Brandeis University Book Award Gina Malachow
Brown Book Chase Dustevich
Chatham University- Rachel Carson Health Planet Award Isabelle Malizio
Clarkson University Leadership Award Brynn Murawski
Clarkson University Achievement Award Victoria Finizio
College of William & Mary Leadership Award Grayson Dee
Harvard Book Misty Fan
The Historical Society of Mt. Lebanon Book Award - Amy Tan
- Scarlett Prendergast
Johns Hopkins Book Award Andrew Harwood Jr.
Princeton Book Award Ella Magaw
Rensselaer Medal Molly Kubit
Rochester Institute of Technology-Computing Medal - Constantin Matros
- Victoria Pettko
Rochester Institute of Technology- Innovation & Creativity Award Anandhi Narayan
Victor Nowatzki
Saint Michael’s College Book Award Lena Latef
Smith Book Anvi Tatkar
Society of Women Engineers Pittsburgh - Sophomore: Grace Goslin
- Junior: Anvi Tatkar
Tulane University Book Award Samuel Noll
University of Pennsylvania Amy Tan
University of Rochester- Bausch & Lomb Science Award Zitong Wang
Univ. of Rochester-Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Lillian Nys
Univ. of Rochester-George Eastman Young Leader Alexandra Braunsdorf
Univ. of Rochester – Xerox Award for Innovation & Technology Emory Guenther
University of Virginia- Jefferson Book Award Dierdre Flaherty
Yale University Book Vishnu Venugopal