Class of 2020 Commencement Information

UPDATE July 28, 2020

Congratulations to Class of 2020! It's been a long year but the big day has arrived. We hope you will join the graduates as we celebrate their commencement throughout the day by clicking this link to the Live Stream here: Commencement Live Stream

The High School has also created a Commencement 2020 Website where you can find commencement speeches including the Class of 2020 Commencement Speaker, Senior Patrick Anderson.

We hope you'll join our students on this important day.

We wish our students all the best today and in the future

Dear Class of 2020,

On July 17, 2020, the Allegheny County Health Department released COVID-19 guidance that remains in effect until further notice.  The guidelines stipulate that we are unable to hold outside group gatherings of more than 50 people. For that reason, we are officially moving to our alternative Commencement activity. Despite our greatest efforts, I share in your frustration that the ceremony in the Stadium will not take place.  It continues to be important to me to create an alternative experience as memorable as possible. 

First, a virtual site has been developed to be unveiled on July 28th that includes video recordings of traditional remarks and the Commencement address delivered by Class of 2020 graduate, Patrick Anderson, a profile of each graduate including their picture and next step plans, a slide show and videos from our Senior celebrations, recorded musical performances by our choir and band, and a live stream of the ceremonies. The website will become active at 8:45am on July 28th. At 8:50am we will start our live stream broadcast of the event beginning with the Welcoming remarks and Presentation of the Class of 2020.

Secondly, we will have an alternative Commencement Ceremony on July 28, 2020, at Mt. Lebanon High School that includes an opportunity to receive your diploma in your cap and gown, be formally affirmed as a graduate in the Class of 2020, and have pictures taken. 

Procedures for this ceremony include:  :

  • Students will dress in their cap, gown, hood, 2020 tassel, and honor cord (if applicable) and drive to the high school with their family. Students should arrive on campus at their homeroom’s scheduled time

    • We ask that families bring one vehicle. If a family arrangement does not allow for one vehicle, we ask that families bring no more than two vehicles. If a family must bring two vehicles, they should coordinate with one another to be sure they are together in the line of vehicles.

  • Throughout this day, vehicles can only enter the high school complex from Cedar Blvd.

    • The Cochran Road and Lebanon Avenue entrances will be blocked to prohibit entry onto the high school complex.

    • We will provide a visual for these traffic patterns closer to the event.

  • Vehicles will travel up Morgan Drive, turn into the South Parking lot, turn left onto  Horsman Drive, and then enter either side of the oval between the C20 entrance and the Athletic building. This driving area will become one way throughout the duration of this event.

  • Students and their families will exit their vehicle(s) when directed by staff and walk to the C20 entrance patio area where a line will form with 6 feet social distance between each family unit.

  • Senior homeroom teachers or a Mt. Lebanon staff member will individually announce each student’s name, and either Dr. Steinhauer or I will hand each senior their diploma.

  • A photograph will be taken of the student with his/her diploma and if desired, of the student and their family. 

  • Once the student has received his/her diploma and had the photo taken, he/she and their family will return to their vehicle and exit the High School complex towards Lebanon Avenue.

To ensure the health and safety of all involved, we ask the following:

  • All students and their families should wear masks while participating in this event.

    • Masks can be removed for the individual student picture and family picture.

  • Students and their families should complete the self-assessment to be sure they are not showing signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to the event. We will not collect the self-assessment forms.

  • Students do not need to turn in the Mt. Lebanon School District Athletics and Activities Participation Waiver.

This alternative ceremony, although not what any one of us wanted, provides an opportunity for each of you to be recognized for all of your hard work and accomplishments during your career as a student at Mt. Lebanon High School. 



Joel Thompson

Acting Principal