Deanna Hess Honored at School Board Meeting

Dr. Steinhauer recognized Deanna Hess and her team of school nurses and aides at the School Board meeting on May 24. Below is the statement he read that night.

"Deanna Hess, our Supervisor of Health Services, and her team of school nurses and aides have spent this year looking after the health of all of us in this District. 

Since the beginning of the year, her leadership guided us through the development of Covid protocols that aligned to the Allegheny County Health Department, PA Department of Health, and CDC recommendations to manage a safe and healthy environment in our schools.  

She established procedures for our contact tracing efforts for staff and students and trained her staff and building principals in this very time-consuming but essential task. She maintained the District Covid Dashboard and was relentless in finding pharmacies to support vaccine clinics in our District.  Deanna’s relationship with the ACHD was necessary for the District as we navigated the ever-changing recommendations and requirements during the pandemic.

Deanna and her team of nurses and nurse aides have led the sourcing and administration of various COVID vaccines since they became available.  They are the reason that so many of our staff and students are vaccinated. 

But most remarkably, throughout this incredibly challenging year, Deanna approached every action she took with kindness, empathy, understanding, and patience. The school nurses and aides approached their roles with the same dedication and purpose. 

We are so grateful and thankful for Deanna and her team. They are our  “helpers” as Mr. Rogers would say, who looked after us with great care during a challenging time."