DEI Task Force Recommendations Presented to School Board

At the June 14, 2021 School Board Discussion Meeting, Dr. Marybeth Irvin, co-facilitator of the District's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force, presented an overview of the work of DEI Task Force and their recommendations. A video of the presentation is available above.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force Presentation PDF

School Board President Jacob Wyland's Remarks: 

"Thank you Dr. Irvin for the overview of the taskforce’s work. I want to thank you and co-facilitator Dr. Heather Bennet for your guidance, expertise, and knowledge. You have assisted us in a very positive way to move forward with this initiative. To the volunteers who served on the Task Force, thank you for your participation, input, and commitment to this critical work on behalf of the Board. 

As I highlighted prior to Dr. Irvin’s Presentation this evening, our Mission Statement - presently - is to provide the Best Education Possible for Each and Every Student.  

This important work is rooted in that mission.  Every child regardless of race, gender, ability or socio-economic status deserves to feel welcome, supported, and included in a meaningful way.  Our Mission Statement, through its call to provide the Best Education Possible for Each and Every Student, charges us to equitably engage all of our students where they are and support them so they may reach their full potential.     

Equity is providing all of our kids what they need to succeed.  It ensures that each and every student in the District has access to the gold standard that is the Mt. Lebanon Education.   

This goal of equity in education cannot be accomplished without inclusion in education.  An inclusive educational experience benefits the entire student population.  It helps develop understanding and value in difference as opposed to the uncertainty and fear that results from a segregated approach.  

Our children will graduate into a world of great diversity. An inclusive educational experience will give them the tools needed to successfully navigate and contribute.    

As far as the next step, I would like to recommend that the Board consider adopting the equity statement as an initial step to signal the Board’s support for more clearly defining the school board’s intent as we move forward with additional DEI efforts. 

I do have a request for one edit.  In the 2nd sentence add “Ability”.  I know from attending DEI Committee meetings that the intention is to address all students - to meet them where they are, including students with varying abilities and disabilities.  And, while I know the intention  - the phrase “background or identity” does not capture this population."