Going the Extra Mile at Hoover: Mary Ehland, Rae Ann Macosko, and Kimberly Gamble

Three Hoover employees were honored with Extra Mile Awards at the School Board meeting on May 24, 2021. Below are the remarks from Board President Jacob Wyland's report. 

"Our next recipients all hail from Hoover Elementary School and were nominated by Principal Dr. Nicole Giehll.  Mary Ehland, Rae Ann Macosko, and Kimberly Gamble have all gone the 'extra mile' this past year. Here are excerpts from Dr. Giehll’s nominations:

Mary Ehland has been the Classroom Aide in our Learning Support classroom for many years.  Her ability to build genuine connections with students, allows them to feel seen, supported, and develop a true sense of belonging in our school--which we all know is foundational for learning to occur.  Mary has been a valuable member of many HES committees and takes on additional roles and responsibilities with enthusiasm.  And while Mary’s daily contributions to the HES Community are pretty remarkable; this year, she simply outdid herself.   Our world is a better place because of people like Mary Ehland and the Hoover Community is so grateful that she is ours.”

Rae Ann Macosko is the Library/Media Specialist at Hoover Elementary School.  In October, when the District shifted to the hybrid model, a teacher was needed to cover a temporary leave of absence in our newly developed Cyber Learning Academy.  Given Rae Ann’s experience teaching the 4th Grade curriculum and excellent technology skills, she was an exceptional fit for the position.  Although it meant temporarily leaving her typical role and her students and colleagues at HES, when approached about helping to fill this need, Rae Ann agreed to do what was best for the students of the Mt. Lebanon School District without hesitation.  Rae Ann's patience, adaptability, and resourcefulness have been vital to ensuring our day to day operations during this highly unusual year, and we are so very grateful.”

Kimberly Gamble

“Kimberly serves as the Counselor at Hoover Elementary School.  She arrives every day with a smile and spreads kindness everywhere she goes.  Over the years, Mrs. Gamble has worked tirelessly to help our HES students learn important lessons including understanding feelings/emotions and identifying effective coping strategies, as well as developing important character traits such as kindness, courage, resilience, diversity, empathy, respect, patience, and inclusion.  These incredible efforts help to create a school environment that is safe, welcoming, and where everyone belongs!  The HES Community is so fortunate to have a wonderful counselor like Mrs. Kimberly Gamble--she truly brings out the best in us all!”    

Congratulations to Ms. Ehland, Ms. Macosko and Ms. Gamble for going the extrao