Going the Extra Mile: Jeremy DeLuca

Percussion Ensemble Director, Jeremy DeLuca, was honored with an Extra Mile Award at the School Board meeting last night. Here are School Board President Jacob Wyland's remarks: 

"This evening we have the honor to recognize an employee for an extra mile award.  Mr. Jeremy DeLuca who is the percussion director with our District was nominated by over 32 families.  


Each nomination was heart-felt and sincere in their gratitude for the work of Mr. DeLuca. 

In one nomination, a parent writes, “More than anything, Jeremy goes the extra mile every day to ensure that every student is seen for exactly who they are.  He brings out the best in everyone and holds his students to the highest standards…” 

Another writes, “endorsing Jeremy for the extra mile award doesn’t even approach how thankful I am for all of the exceptional work that he has done not only for my son but for all of the members of the percussion program past or present.” 

One family said, “Jeremey is clearly an outstanding teacher of music, but he is so, so much more than that.  His positivity was unrivaled during the pandemic when he not only kept up spirits by communications and sheer force of will, but he also made tough decisions such as canceling concerts, travel, or other events.  He did this with grace, kindness, and a strong core of responsible leadership.”

If I were to continue with excerpts from all of the letters, we would be here for quite a long time this evening.  My takeaway from reading these submissions is that Mr. DeLuca is a wonderful and deserving recipient of this award and we are pleased to welcome him this evening to accept it."

Congratulations Jeremy on a job well done!