Going the Extra Mile: Larry Pajack

Larry Pajack was honored with an Extra Mile Award at the School Board meeting on May 24, 2021. Here are School Board President Jacob Wyland's remarks. 

"Lawrence Pajack, a District custodian for over 30 years, was nominated for an Extra Mile Award by Mrs. Kathy Taback who stated: I have seen Larry countless times over the years collecting tickets and helping around the stadium. He seems to be the kind of gentleman that is steadfast and invaluable to MTLSD. He has been there in the pouring rain, freezing snow and any other weather that western Pennsylvania brings our way. I just think the past year has shown us how invaluable the “helpers” have been to our community, even the silent ones.”

Athletic Director John Grogan also felt that Larry was a worthy recipient of this award saying, 

“Larry has worked at sporting events for years and has been invaluable to our department for a long time. I am so pleased he was nominated for the Extra Mile Award.”

Congratulations Larry on a job well done."