High School Model UN Teams Win 1st Place at American University's Model UN Tournament

Congratulations to the Model UN Team on their impressive victory at American University's Model UN Tournament held January 31-February 2nd in our nation's capital.  Our students competed against nearly 1,000 students from 70 high schools, including schools from Colorado, California, Texas, Florida and New York.  Several international schools from Rome, Puerto Rico and Ontario were also at the tournament.

Our students won the overall 1st place team trophy and 14 students captured individual honors.   Topics ranged from climate change to preventing global pandemics to the turmoil in Venezuela.  Seven Mt. Lebanon students won 1st place in their individual committee, five took 2nd place and three were awarded third place.  The 1st place winners were Sein Lee, Jack Horrigan, Melanie Hendrick, Olivia Blair, Rafaay Khan, Andrew Gamba and Jacob Vito.   2nd place winners were Jack Silverman, Alaina Smith, Ellie Hester, Daniel McNulty and Antonio Carapella while taking 3rd place were CJ Fraasch and Sam Bailey.

Coaches Adam Lumish and George Savarese are very proud of our students for this outstanding performance against extraordinary national competition.