JMS and MMS CalcuSolve Teams Stand Out at Duquesne University Competition

JMS and Mellon 6th graders rocked the annual CalcuSolve math competition hosted by Duquesne University last week. JMS student Soham Dan earned an individual first place award for getting a perfect score on a series of high level math problems. Over 320 students from all over the Pittsburgh area competed in this annual competition at Duquesne University. Dominic Rowles, Soham Dam and Jerry Yu earned a third place overall group award. 

There were 83 teams competing in this event sponsored by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. CalcuSolve is a competition that tests students' problem-solving skills related to mathematics.  (While the average individual score was around 12-15 points, the Mellon and JMS average was 25.) Mellon students Lizzie Divine, Owen Bryne, Sam Maxin, North Rajukumar, Eddie Ercegovic and Ben Tan also participated in the competition. Congratulations to all the participants!