Message From Dr. Steinhauer Regarding Events at the Capitol on Jan. 6

Good morning Families,

Yesterday, our nation witnessed a tragic display of action against decency, democracy, and civil discourse. Using violence to impede the peaceful transfer of power is contradictory to our democracy.  As a school district, we are committed to the open exchange of ideas, civil discourse, and freedom of expression.  However, we stand firmly against unlawful behavior. 

Early this morning, our faculty received information and strategies to help our students as they process and navigate distressing events when they occur. I wanted to share this same resource with you: When Bad Things Are Happening. As teachable moments arise, please know that they will be handled in an age-appropriate manner and lead to further learning opportunities.

As educators, we strive to guide young people to act as responsible citizens.  We teach our students to communicate respectfully and that violence is never an appropriate choice. 

Our counselors, faculty, and school staff stand ready to assist you and our students in whatever manner necessary.


Timothy J. Steinhauer, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools