MTLSD COVID-19 Update: November 17

At last evening's School Board meeting, Dr. Steinhauer shared an MTLSD COVID-19 Update presentation with the School Board.  The School Board considered all aspects of this issue and voted to maintain the District in the Hybrid mode of instruction. The resolutions the School Board passed are listed below: 

RESOLVED, that in addition to the consideration of the Recommendations for Determining Instructional Mode referenced in the Health and Safety Plan, the Board has determined to add as considerations local transmission figures as well as our own COVID-19 dashboard, and elects to continue the Hybrid/Cyber mode of learning until further action by the Board.

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Superintendent is authorized to move a building or program on a case by case basis, to a fully remote mode of education where circumstances warrant, including, for example, a significant outbreak.

New for Elementary Families 

Elementary schools will now manage Hybrid students who need to stay home due to quarantine or concerns regarding community COVID conditions differently In the coming days, we will begin to implement live-streaming of elementary classrooms to provide synchronous instruction to students who are at home. Additionally, this option is available to families who selected Hybrid but now wish for Remote instruction.  Although we will begin immediately, to allow time to prepare equipment and train staff, this should be fully available by December 4, 2020.  

New Information from the PA Department of Health for Mitigation Relating to Travel

Of critical importance as we approach the holiday season, today the PA Department of Health issued an Order of the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health for Mitigation Relating to Travel Specifically, the Order requires completing a 14-day quarantine after traveling outside of Pennsylvania if an individual does not have proof of a negative test result. 

The District remains committed to maintaining a safe in person learning environment for our students and staff.  We can only succeed if everyone in our school community follows these essential public health guidelines:

  • Self-screen every day 

  • Keep your child home if he/she is sick, has COVID symptoms, or has been a close contact with someone who is COVID positive; contact your school nurse to report

  • Wear a mask or face covering 

  • Practice physical distancing of 6 feet

  • Wash your hands frequently

Please visit our website to access COVID-19 information, including the  COVID-19 Dashboard page, which includes the Allegheny County Data from the  PA DOH COVID-19 Early Warning Monitoring System DashBoard