October 16, 2019 Noon Dismissal

On the afternoon of October 16, 2019, the Mt. Lebanon School District is requiring every employee to attend a training on student mental health and well being.  As a result, all students in Grades 1-12 will be dismissed at noon on Wednesday, October 16. Morning Kindergarten will be dismissed at their regular time of 11:15 a.m.  Afternoon Kindergarten will not be in session. All buildings will be closed from 1- 4:00 p.m. 

The training will be led by Jamie Zelazny, PhD, Assistant Professor of Health & Community Systems in the School of Nursing at the University of PIttsburgh.  Her expertise is in adolescent mental health, depression, and suicide. I have included her profile in this email.

This training is a continuation of our efforts to ensure a safe and secure school environment, which is foundational to student performance, achievement, and well being.

Jamie Zelazny
Assistant Professor
Health & Community Systems
University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing
Dr. Zelazny has more than 30 years of psychiatric nursing experience in clinical and research settings.  She is an early career investigator whose research is focused on the use of technology to identify and manage suicidal thoughts and behavior in youth.  In collaboration with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, she is the principal investigator of a pilot study investigating non-verbal voice and facial behavioral indicators of suicidality in teens over time.  She is also co-leading a pilot study to examine social media data of suicidal teens using natural language processing to identify risk factors of suicidal behavior. Additionally, she is a co-investigator of the Mobile Assessment for the Prediction of Suicide Study (MAPS), a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) funded study using smartphone technology to conduct intensive longitudinal monitoring of proximal risk factors of adolescent suicidal thoughts and behavior.  She participated in the development of a supportive safety plan phone application for patients with high levels of suicidal ideation or recent suicidal behavior.  In addition to these research interests, she has a strong interest in bioethics, specifically the protection of human subjects in research involving technology and in research involving suicidal individuals.