Science Olympiad Sees Success at Regionals

Science Olympiad Sees Success at Regionals

Our Science Olympiad team found much success at their regional competition, earning medals in an impressive 12 events across five intense hours of competition! 

Congratulations to our medal winners:

GOLD - Codebusters - Ashley Wei, Henry Ellwein,  & Vishnu Venugopal.

GOLD - Experimental Design - Katie Ding, Lucian Mikush, & Shohjahon Abdusamatov.

GOLD - Green Generation - Akash Schmid & Victoria Finizio.

SILVER - Rocks & Minerals - Lyra Stiglitz & Tessa Ternullo.

SILVER - Trajectory - Kobe Brown & Noah Seaman.

BRONZE - Cell Biology - Donna Wang & Victoria Finizio.

BRONZE - Dynamic Planet - Akash Schmid &  Shohjahon Abdusamatov.

BRONZE - Forestry - Akash Schmid & Tessa Ternullo.

BRONZE - WiFi Lab - Lucian Mikush & Owen Byrne

4th Place Medal - Chem Lab - Ella Winters & Victoria Finizio

4th Place Medal - It's About Time - Lucian Mikush & Vishnu Venugopal

4th Place Medal - Egg Scrambler - Lyra Stiglitz

Due to the team's success at the regional competition, Mt. Lebanon Science Olympiad students & their coach, Pam Harris proceed to the State Finals on April 21st where the top 36 teams vie for a chance at Nationals.  Congratulations to all students who participated.