Mentor Teachers

Mentor teachers at Mt. Lebanon High School serve to guide the international students. With varied backgrounds and experiences in the high school disciplines, they help keep the students on track for a successful school year. Although the mentor teachers work with the program director concerning the whole group in a variety of services, mentors are also responsible for the students starting with registration and scheduling through discussing and alleviating any issues that arise from academic, attendance, or social perspectives.


Hanna Mincemoyer

Ms. Hanna Mincemoyer, Program Director

Ms. Mincemoyer is the Unit 3 Principal at Mt. Lebanon High School and serves as the Director for our International Students Program. She attended Penn State University to earn a Bachelor's of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education with a Minor in Information Science and Technology. She then attended the University of Pittsburgh to get her Principal's Certificate and earn a Masters in Educational Leadership.

Ms. Mincemoyer has a passion for facilitating the cultural exchange that traveling and studying abroad can offer. She even had the unique opportunity to travel to Brazil in 2013 to study the education system in a foreign country. Ms. Mincemoyer is eager to learn from our diverse groups of students with unique backgrounds and lived experiences, and she is excited to participate in this wonderful aspect of our Global Studies program. She cannot wait to meet all of our new International Students and help make their stay in Pittsburgh educational, meaningful, memorable, and fun!


Mr. Andrew Adam, Mentor Teacher

Mr. Adam is entering his fifth full year as an educator and his fifth year at Mt. Lebanon High School. Prior to his work in education, Mr. Adam graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering and worked four years for an environmental company called Clean Air Engineering, where he climbed smokestacks and tested pollution levels at many coal-fired power plants throughout the U.S. After his work as an engineer, he returned to the University of Pittsburgh for his Master of Arts in Teaching, and he now teaches chemistry at the high school.

Mr. Adam has a passion for working with young people and students from all walks of life. He has gone on several mission trips in places like Arizona, Tennessee, and Iowa, and he works as a staff member for the Trinity Youth Conference every summer, where he helps to mentor young leaders and campers from all different places. He is immensely excited to meet each and every international student and to get to know more about their personal story and journey through the International Students Program.


Mr. Casey Bowles, Mentor Teacher

Mr. Bowles has been a school counselor for nine years. As a school counselor, Mr. Bowles works with students in their development academically and socially/emotionally and assists with post-secondary planning. Mr. Bowles also serves as the junior varsity girls golf coach and has helped the district with several diversity and inclusion initiatives the past few years. 

While in college, Mr. Bowles had the opportunity to study abroad in Zimbabwe for a semester so he is familiar with the experience of being out of one's comfort zone! Before working as a school counselor, Mr. Bowles worked in higher education and in one of his roles he accompanied students on domestic and international service trips twice a year. In addition, Mr. Bowles moved to Pittsburgh from Chicago five and a half years ago and is still learning his way around the city! He looks forward to working with students from around the globe and helping to make their transition to Mt. Lebanon as smooth as possible. 

Amanda Checque

Mrs. Amanda Checque, Mentor Teacher

Mrs. Checque has been an educator for over ten years. She has taught a wide range of mathematics at the high school and has experience working with all grade levels. Her own education involves pure mathematics, Japanese, Asian studies, and mathematics education. Through Mt. Lebanon’s Continuing Education Program, Mrs. Checque has prepared students for college entrance exams and has also taught Japanese to adults. Aside from her intense passion for teaching, she loves music, botany, and spending time with her family.

As a mentor teacher, Mrs. Checque enjoys working with our international students daily and helping them find success in their endeavors during their time here. She is impressed by their abilities and helps create an environment where they can connect with others to flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.