• Orientation: Before the beginning of the school year, students and their host families meet the high school principal, program director, school counselor, mentor teachers, and students from our Global Studies Program for a lunch and general introduction to the program. Students are given a tour of the school and, if not previously registered, enroll in the school and schedule their classes.
  • After-School Meetings: Once the school year is underway, semi-weekly after-school meetings occur with the mentor teachers and the students. These meetings serve to ensure the students are familiar with the high school system and are given the opportunity to ask any questions. As the year proceeds, the meetings offer an opportunity for the students and their mentors to review their academic progress as well as to interact with each other. Students are expected to prepare presentations about their home countries to share with the group at different times throughout the year.
  • Activities: Throughout the year, the students will be given special opportunities to participate in activities sponsored by the program. Past activities have included a tour of Mt. Lebanon, a pumpkin carving excursion, and foreign holiday programs at the community library. Students are also made aware of and encouraged to take part in all high school events.