Flexible Instructional Days

The District was recently approved by the Department of Education to implement up to five (5) Flexible Instructional Days (FIDs) beginning this school year. The Flexible Instructional Day (FID) Program is a tool available to public school to be used as an alternate approach to delivering instruction if a circumstance arises that prevents instruction in customary manner.

Please note, in accordance with State regulations regarding Flexible Instructional Days (FID), the District must first utilize the school cancellation make-up day that is included in the District calendar before a FID can be declared. If there is a need to cancel school for any reason, e.g., snow or cold, prior to to that date we will make that day up as a normal school day on the school cancellation make-up day listed in the District calendar.  All other school cancellations will be made up at the end of the school year as noted on the District calendar unless a Flexible Instructional Day is called.

FIDs Frequently Asked Questions