Incident Response

Below is an overview of our typical response to incidents of racial, antisemitic, ethnic, or other slurs and hate speech, rhetoric, or graffiti:

A district led investigation occurs for any and every instance:

  • Immediately contact MLPD

  • Interview those who may have knowledge of the incident

  • Review camera footage, if available

Students and student groups are engaged in meaningful conversations, as they are active participants in the problem-solving process.

Collaboration occurs with our community partners to receive meaningful guidance:

  • Consultation with our local faith-based leaders, if applicable

  • Communication with other meaningful partnerships in the area as they have been instrumental in providing the District with educational materials and guest speakers.

  • Resources are obtained from the Anti-Defamation League

The power of words and symbols is the focus of our education with students.

  • Teacher-led discussion

  • Grade or team-level assemblies that focus on reinforcing expectations & advancing the educational focus

  • Guest speakers

Offering parent resources to our community so that they can assist the district in its efforts.  Examples include:

Response to Swastika Incidents