The office of the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education oversees the curriculum, instructional resources, assessment and professional development for grades K through five at the seven elementary schools. Major emphasis areas include literacy, numeracy, technology integration, differentiated instruction and alignment to standards.

The Mt. Lebanon School District has seven high performing elementary schools. While each school has unique features, we offer a strong and consistent curriculum across the buildings. Our Elementary Curriculum Council, made up of teachers, administrators and support staff, lead course content and design, selection of materials and assessments and professional development.

Elementary Curriculum Council

2022-2023 Grade Level Facilitators and Principals

Kindergarten Karla King & Sara Talarico / Principal, Dr. Jason Ramsey

Grade 1 Lisa Locke & Samantha Folmer / Principal, Mr. Brett Bielewicz

Grade 2 Kate Galardini & Kaitlin Lear / Principal, Dr. Nicci Giehll

Grade 3 Charity Roehrig & Kristy Zielinski / Principal, Dr. Ron Kitsko

Grade 4 Kristen Wilson & Annie Pugh / Principal, Mrs. Brook Webb

Grade 5 Jason Philips & Nicole Sharkey / Principal, Ms. Jocelyn Artinger

Department Facilitators and Principals

Counseling Shira Akamatsu / Principal, Mr. Brett Bielewicz

Gifted Christa Smith / Director of Special Education, Dr. Heather Doyle

Instrumental Music Ryan Smith / Principal, Dr. Ron Kitsko

Health/PE Miranda Policz / Principal, Dr. Jason Ramsey

IST Kelly Barsotti / Principal, Mr. Matthew Rizzutto

Library Maureen Staub / Principal, Mrs. Brook Webb

Reading Specialist Kristen Mackey  /Principal, Mr. Matthew Rizzutto

Spanish Tania Conte / Principal, Mr. Brett Bielewicz

Special Education Crystal Hinton / Director of Special Education, Dr. Heather Doyle

Visual Arts Garrett Hain / Principal, Dr. Ron Kitsko

Vocal Music Mandy Cheskawich / Principal, Dr. Nicci Giehll

Academic Areas

Math - Principal, Dr. Ron Kitsko

ELA - Principals, Mr. Brett Bielewicz, Mr. Matthew Rizzutto, Ms. Jocelyn Artinger

Science - Principals, Dr. Jason Ramsey, Mrs. Brook Webb

Social Studies - Principal, Ms. Jocelyn Artinger