In response to Governor Wolf’s  proclamation issued on March 30, 2020 closing all Pennsylvania schools until further notice, the following provides information about the Mt. Lebanon School District’s education plan. 

In accordance with the plan approved by the Department of Education earlier in the year, the District used “Flexible Instructional Days” from March 30 through April 3 to deliver education to students.  Beginning on April 6, 2020 and continuing until schools officially reopen, the District will utilize “School At Home” (S@H) as our instructional methodology. The District is committed to continuing to Provide the Best Education Possible for Each and Every Student under these evolving circumstances, using technology tools and remote instructional strategies.

School at Home (S@H) is intended to continue the asynchronous nature of delivering instruction while adding a component that facilitates the “continuity of education” expected by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Asynchronous learning is an approach to learning that allows students to learn and complete assignments at different times and locations during the school day. Please find more information below.

Please see the District’s Continuity of Education Plan

School@Home FAQ