Continuing Education

Continuing Education Office Phone: (412) 344-2020


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Please bear with us during this fluid situation.  This website will be updated whenever additional information becomes available.  All adult education winter term classes, the driver education class final exam, and virtual simulator classes have been cancelled.  (The driver education final exam is now posted as an online final exam on the students Google classroom).  We hope to be back in the office on April 14th as the district will be closed for the next few weeks.  The spring term will begin as advertised and planned at this point. No voicemail messages will be returned until April 14th or after.  For a faster response to questions, email one of the coordinators or the administrative assistant below.

DRIVER EDUCATION IN CAR LESSONS AND LICENSING TEST: At this point all in-car lessons and license tests have been suspended.  We are not scheduling any in car lessons or the license test until the building reopens.  At that point, we will have a large influx of students needing car lessons and licensing exams.  We will work with each student to try to find a viable solution.  Please contact the office at 412-344-2020 after the building reopens.  Thank you for your patience during this time.



All class listings are posted on the left.



Continuing Education Office
Office Hours: 6:00-9:00 PM Monday - Thursday

Room D-409


Ray Schrader, Adult Education Coordinator


Larry Johnson, Assistant Adult Education Coordinator


Pam Robinson, Administrative Assistant


Registration by mail is recommended and should be received by April 15th (Spring term) and June 10th (Summer term). Beyond that point (each term), call 412-344-2020 to check class availability.

Send registration form with a separate check for each class made payable to:
Mt. Lebanon School District, mail to:
Mt. Lebanon Senior High School
Office of Continuing Education
155 Cochran Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

  • In person registration will be held on April 14th and 15th from 5:00-7:00 PM at Mt. Lebanon Senior High School at the auditorium entrance (A2) off Cochran Road. Just pull up to entrance A2 (Auditorium) and put your flashers on!! We may be outside (weather permitting).
  • Registration fees are listed with each class.
    R = Mt. Lebanon Resident
    NR = Non-resident
    GC = Mt. Lebanon Senior Citizen (Gold Card, age 62 or older)
  • Individuals should only attend classes on evenings for which they have specifically registered.
  • You are automatically registered for a class with your payment and should plan to attend the first session. You will only be notified if the course is cancelled or if there is a problem.
  • Sorry, we do not take credit card or online registrations at this time (We are are working on that for the future!). Print out a registration form at the top of our website and mail it in with your check.



  • All participants should park in the South Lot next to the Fine Arts Entrance. Everyone should enter the building via entrance B-9 unless otherwise noted.
  • Classes are subject to cancellation if there is not enough interest. Because of this, we ask you to get your registrations in early as possible.
  • Most classes begin the week of April 20th (Spring) and June 15th (Summer) and meet for 6-weeks unless otherwise stated in the course description.
  • Adult-Continuing Education classes will cancel if the senior high building closes due to an emergency. A list of predetermined dates when there are no evening continuing education classes can be found on the bottom, right side of this page.
  • Classes are not offered to anyone under the age of 18 with the exception of Driver Education, Summer Health, and SAT Preparation.
  • For program updates tune into the Mt. Lebanon Cable Channel 19 (Comcast) or Channel 33 (Verizon).
  • There are no classes this term 5/25 and 6/6 due to other events at the high school. For any classes offsite, please check these dates with the instructor.


Interested in teaching a class?

  • We offer a competitive pay and are always looking for new and exciting classes for our program.
  • New classes will be started when a need is expressed.
  • Make your interest known to the program coordinators.


Driver Education Certificates

Driver Education theory certificates will be delivered to homerooms once all simulator and theory classes are complete.  If you need an extra copy of a certificate, please email Mr. Schrader or Mr. Johnson for one.  On the road certificates are given by the car instructors.  Please contact your car instructor for an in-car certificate once completed.