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Mondays, April 17th          

6:00-8:30 pm (6-weeks)  

INSTRUCTOR: Gail Bodkin (Limit 15)    

R $56; NR $60; GC $52

Watercolor will be as much fun as your first grade water coloring class, but now with layering, shadowing, highlighting, laughing, and of course some fun.  Join us for multiple projects of elegant simplicity.


No. 105 FOOT IT (HS RM D105)                    

Mondays, April 24th

6:30-7:30 pm (6-weeks)

INSTRUCTOR: Meghan Moran

R $36; NR $39; GC $33

This high energy cardio class will get you moving and grooving to the music.  (No sneakers. Sticky socks, dance shoes, or barefoot, only)


No. 108 BASKETBALL LEAGUE (South Gym and Auxiliary Gym)

Monday-Thursdays, May 1 - June 29                  

7:30-10:00 pm                              

Instructors:  Dick Black/David Black

Fees: Team (nine players) $360/team

Additional players (up to 2) $50/player

Reversible league jerseys (required) $20 each        

Forfeit fee (refundable) $100


This is a competitive five-on-five basketball league for adults who are Mt. Lebanon residents, non-resident Mt. Lebanon High School graduates, non-resident School District or Municipal employees, or the spouse or child of an eligible person. Email for the Team Entry/Roster Form. Team captains can bring the Entry/Roster Form completed with players’ names & addresses along with payment for fees to the lobby of the new Athletic Complex between 8:00-9:00 PM on Tuesday, May 2.  Teams making the playoffs will be responsible for the additional cost of licensed referees.


No. 102 DRIVER EDUCATION (students have 1-month to complete the online portion of this asynchronous class)

Monday, March 6th-April 6th

INSTRUCTORS: Mr. Scalzo, Mr. Herzog, Mr. Sliacky, and Mr. Phillips

R-$400.00 (Complete Program and License Test)           

NR–$410.00 (Complete Program and License Test)

Car Instruction Only and License Test-$300.00 (*Only for students who already completed theory)


The Mt. Lebanon School District online driver education program is Pennsylvania Department of Education approved.  This program meets the traditional 30 hours of theory and 6 hours of car instruction that most insurance companies are looking for. The full program consists of 30 hours of asynchronous modules that begin on the date listed above and can be done from any computer at any time.  Students have 1 month to complete the online modules and final exam.  The course also includes 3-hours of in-person, individualized simulation; and in-person, individualized car instruction.  This fee also includes the Pennsylvania state approved driver licensing test using the district driver education vehicle.  Students will be emailed a link to their district student email address (or if you are out of district, at the email address you provide) on the day that the course begins.  This email will include a link for the Google classroom, the number to call to sign up for the 3 simulator lessons, and information about beginning the car lessons (once a student has passed their permit test at the DMV.).


Students who successfully complete the FULL PROGRAM are eligible for road instruction and license testing with Mt. Lebanon program certified instructors.  Students who have successfully completed other Pennsylvania Department of Education approved theory programs elsewhere are eligible to take car instruction and license testing through the Mt. Lebanon program (as part of the Car Instruction Only Program). Students must show proof of successful completion of a PDE approved theory course from another institution for the car only portion. The charge for the car only portion is for six hours of road instruction, which includes one half hour for license testing (listed above).


Grades are issued as “pass-fail.”  Mt. Lebanon students can earn 1 credit for the successful completion of the full driver education program (.5 credits for the theory/ simulation portion and .5 credits for on the road instruction). Non-district students are subject to their respective school district guidelines. This program is not available for anyone over the age of 18.


NOTE: Students will be contacted via email and their phone numbers while in this program.